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There is now much more emphasis on multimedia content on websites and you need to ensure that you do not get left behind.

Video marketing is now an established part of the overall internet marketing mix. Over 60% of all online content is already in video format and this figure is expected to grow significantly. In the UK 47.0 million people, (69.9% of the population) watch digital video content on a regular basis.

The major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, all include video listings within their Organic Search Results. Therefore, unless your website is part of this massive explosion in promotional web video content, you are missing out on a major internet marketing opportunity.

When creating advertising videos for your website it is important to ensure that your video is professionally produced, creates an impact and is fairly short in duration. An average duration of one to three minutes is about right, anything more than this and you are likely to lose your customers attention.

To ensure that your promotional video receives maximum online exposure, a video marketing campaign is a worthwhile investment to consider. If you intend to produce a variety of different promotional videos, we would recommend creating your own branded YouTube video channel, to host your videos.

A well structured marketing campaign combined with our professional video SEO service, will help to improve your search engine ranking results, increase brand awareness and increase the total number of visitors to your site.

You may also wish to consider an Email Marketing campaign to help promote you new video.

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