SEOButtonTransparentOnce Google has found your website it will return on a regular basis to search for new or updated content. The frequency of visits will depend on various factors, such the size of your website (measured in number of pages), your Google Page Rank score (Google will visit higher ranked sites more frequently) and how often your site is updated with new content.

When the Google robot visits your site what does it see?

The Google robot does not see web pages as you can see them in your browser. Google cannot see colours, graphics or images including Flash generated images and videos. The Google robot can only see text, which it will extract from your web page HTML code. It is important therefore that the HTML code of your web pages contains everything in the right place, so that the Google robot can find all the relevant information to save in their database.

A single web page has many elements that can be understood by the Google robot. The most important elements where Google will look for information includes your Title Tag, Description Tag, (this will be used as the basis for the description used by Google in the search results), Keywords Tag, Headline Tags, Image Tags, Link Text and of course the main body text. These elements must contain the keyword(s) you wish to target and must be in the right keyword density, in order to achieve high rankings on Google.

It is important to ensure that Google is able to navigate through all of your internal web pages.

It is important to ensure that the structure of your individual web pages are Google friendly. It is also important to ensure that Google is able to navigate through the entire structure of your website and is able to move from page to page. The internal link structure of your website is vitally important and your site should contain easy to follow text links to every page that you want Google to see.

If your website is poorly designed or if it does not link to all of your internal pages, then the Google robot will skip these pages. If your website has been designed in Flash or if you place most of your web page content in images, then the Google robot will be unable to see your content.

It is important to make it as easy as possible for the Google robot to index your web pages in order to achieve the best possible rankings.

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  1. Mose Vugteveen

    The way in which page rank link work is very simple indeed. One link that goes from a hypothetical first site goes to the second one is taken to be the vote in favor of the second site. This vote is the expression of the importance of the site. The site rankings of a page increases in value when the number of votes for the page increases.

  2. Fran O

    Thanks for your generosity! 🙂 Resources like this can be offered for sale but you opted to selflessly give it a way at no cost. Your simply the best!


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