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There are several important Meta Tags contained in your webpage’s header, but the most important is the Title Tag. This tag is not only important from an SEO perspective. It is also important for generating click-throughs and traffic to your website, as the content is displayed as the first line of your listing in the search engine results. A well written Title Tag can motivate a web user to click your link and enter your site, while a poorly written Title Tag can turn potential visitors away.

The Title Tag of a web page also appears at the top of a users browser window, as well as in the search engine listing results. Visitors may make a decision about your website based on this tag so if it is not effective, poorly written, or absent, your traffic will suffer. You therefore need to construct a compelling Title Tag that catches the readers eye and interest and gives them a reason to enter your website. Whilst other Meta Tags, such as Description Tags are also used by search engines, these are not as important as the Title Tag.

Each page of your website should contain a unique Title Tag

A great Title Tag should contain action words that create interest in your website. It should read like a mini advertisement for your Important site, a complete sentence that makes the reader stop and think. You should begin your Title Tag with a capital letter and follow with lower case letters and proper punctuation like a sentence, as it is easier to read. It is also good to create a sense of urgency, so that the reader feels as though they have to visit your website to solve a problem. Each page of your website should contain a Title Tag that is unique to the page.

Ensure your Title Tag contains targeted keywords

It is important to use targeted keywords in your Title Tag, but writing a tag that is just a series of keywords looks unprofessional and will not give readers a reason to visit your site. Keep your tag simple, short and attention grabbing but avoid ostentatious practices such as using all caps or multiple exclamation points. While a catchy Title Tag is best, having a boring one is still better than having none at all, so make sure your Title Tag says anything except untitled or a generic term such as home!

Title Tags and other well structured Meta Tags can serve as free marketing for your website and will also help to improve your web page optimisation for search engines. Make sure they are compelling to readers as well as containing keywords to help your website rank higher.

Useful title tag tips

Producing an effective keyword rich Title Tag is an important part of the SEO process and if done correctly will improve your search engine rankings.

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