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The Benefits Of Developing A Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Did you know that YouTube receives more than three billion video views every day?

With the advent of the high speed internet, online video viewing has exploded and a large percentage of the videos watched each and every day are product or service related.

Thousands of online videos are viewed on a daily basis and the way in which your potential customers search for information on the products or services you provide has changed significantly.

Consumers are increasingly using the internet to obtain information about a specific product or service that is of interest to them and with the popularity of online videos, advertising has changed forever.

As more and more customers continue to use online videos for information, this offers all companies a massive opportunity to develop a new sales channel that will help to improve both your sales conversion rates and also your search engine ranking results.

If you have not yet developed a Video Advertising strategy for your business you are missing out on a huge opportunity to improve your profits.

Some Interesting Video Marketing Facts

  • An average one minute online video is capable of conveying the same massage as a 1.8 million word essay.
  • Website visitors spend an average of 88% more time on sites that include videos.
  • Over 70% of consumers prefer to see a video on a product page, whilst viewing a website.
  • It is estimated that at least two thirds of all mobile viewing are people watching videos.
  • In a recent business survey 85% of executives stated that they view business videos on a regular basis and 65% typically view the company’s website after watching.
  • Companies using email marketing to promote their business have experienced up to a massive 75% reduction in subscriber opt outs, when used in conjunction with video.

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Video Advertising Experts

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You may also wish to watch the following video, courtesy of Wes McDowell to understand more about the benefits of developing a video marketing strategy for your business.

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