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Our Terms and Conditions

Conditions of contract for all orders placed with GetOnFast Ltd.

These conditions should be read together with the order details, paying attention to the description of the products, their cost and the duration of each service offered. If you wish us to provide you with any service, you are required to sign an order form, detailing the services purchased or submit your order details online.

Any contract will only be based on the order details and these conditions. By submitting an order for products or services to Get On Fast Limited, you indicate your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, the terms and conditions.

All communications including advertisements made by Get On Fast Limited, are offers to treat only. If you are a consumer, this contract does not affect your statutory rights.

1. Commencement

1.1 A contract will exist between us only when we send you a written or e-mail confirmation that we have accepted the order.

1.2 All hosting and website marketing services will be charged for in advance.

2. Our Obligations

2.1 We will make the services recorded on the order confirmation available to you.

2.2 Where appropriate we will endeavour to provide a proof of material we have created.

2.3 Where the provision of service requires us to register a domain name, we will arrange for the registration and will pay the appropriate fee for that registration.

2.4 In all marketing activities we are acting on your behalf as your agent. If third-party providers choose to withdraw or alter a service, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

3. Your Obligations

3.1 You must pay our charge for all the services you have ordered.

3.2 All services offered for sale via monthly payments are offered on the express understanding that the minimum contract period will be 12 months.

3.3 You will be required to pay the relevant monthly charge, each month, during the contract period. If the relevant monthly payments are not received within 7 days of their due date, Get On Fast Limited reserves the right to make a charge equivalent to 12 monthly payments, less any amounts already received for the agreed contract period. This charge will be subject to our standard invoicing terms as outlined in section 5.1

3.4 Until such time as the initial 12 month contract period has expired and all monthly payments have been received by us, the ownership of any website and or marketing services will remain the property of Get On Fast Limited.

3.5 Once your initial 12 month contract has expired, you will be able to cancel at any time, subject to 1 months notice.

3.6 Where we need to receive website content from you, you must advise us or send us the relevant content as soon as possible.

3.7 You must ensure that anything you require us to do is completely lawful.

3.8 You must ensure that content is decent and honest, and supplied in a suitable format. Electronic files shall have been produced using properly licensed software and will be free from computer viruses. All Information given by you is both true and correct.

3.9 If we have sent you a proof of website material and you do not ask for any changes to be made within 10 days of having the ability to view the proof, it will be assumed that you have accepted the material. Any subsequent modifications or changes will be charged as per our current rate for making website changes.

4. Domain Name Registration

4.1 Domain names are registered on a first come first served basis. If your choice of domain name is not available when we attempt to secure it, we will contact you and the contract for the domain name will terminate. You will not have to pay the registration fee and we will have no further liability to you.

4.2 Once the domain name is registered, we will send you written or email confirmation and will send you an invoice for the agreed registration fee.

4.3 Upon renewal of registration if you decide not to renew you will surrender all rights to the use and ownership of the domain name.

4.4 Where your domain names are held by Get on Fast Limited they are exclusively your property and will be released to your control without cost, upon written request.

5. Payment

5.1 When payment is due we will send you an invoice. You must pay the whole amount within 14 days from the invoice issue date unless we have agreed specific credit terms directly with you.

5.2 If the material has been proofed in accordance with sections 2.2 and 3.6 you must pay the invoice by the due date whether or not you have requested any changes.

5.3 Copyright and intellectual property rights of any material we make available to you remain the property of Get on Fast Ltd until such time as all outstanding charges have been paid in full.

6. Meeting our Obligations

6.1 You understand and accept that computer and telecommunications systems are not fault free and may occasionally require periods of down time. We will make every endeavour to minimise any periods of down time but cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability.

6.2 We accept liability to you for loss you suffer because you are injured or die as a direct result of our negligence. We have no obligations or liability in contract, tort, or breach of statutory duty beyond that of a duty to exercise reasonable skill and care.

6.3 For the registration of a domain name our sole and total liability to you, including liability for negligence, is limited to 100% of the registration fee.

6.4 In any event, we have no liability to you at all in respect of errors or omissions, whether or not arising from our negligence, for any indirect loss, loss of business, revenue, or profit, wasted expenditure or any financial loss of any sort, except for the provisions of section 6.2 and 6.3.

6.5 We endeavour to correct any omission or error without charge as soon as reasonably practical.

6.6 We do not accept any liability for the use of a domain name when there is a conflict with trademarks, registered or unregistered, or rights to the name in other contexts.

7. Meeting your Obligations

7.1 You must indemnify us against any claim threatened or made against us by anyone other than you, arising as a result of our providing the services.

7.2 Even if we have a contract with you, we shall be entitled to prevent the display of the whole or part of a website hosted by us or any other material we make available to the public, or suspend any marketing services, without notice to you if: we alone conclude the material is unlawful, misleading, offensive, prejudicial or inflammatory; it is likely to expose us to claims, lead us into prosecution, or infringes the legal rights of others; or if you fail to pay the charge for the service when it is due.

7.3 If you fail to provide relevant website content or any information requested by us, necessary to enable us to complete your order, then we reserve the right to invoice you for all relevant charges incurred by us. Payment of this invoice will be due under the terms outlined in section 5.1.

7.4 Where the contract is for a domain name you must indemnify us against any claim that the registration of the domain name or its subsequent use is directly or indirectly infringing the legal rights of any third party.

8. Terminating the Contract

8.1 We can end the contract immediately if: you fail to pay the money you owe us, you fail to do what you agree to do under the conditions, any bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings are brought against you, if a receiver is appointed over your assets, or if you are a company and you go into liquidation.

9. The Law

9.1 The contract is made in and subject to the laws of England.