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Getonfast Website Design ServiceIf your website does not appear trustworthy, you are unlikely to secure many sales, even if your website enjoys high volume traffic. Although a high quality, professionally designed website, together with a secure and easy to use online order process are extremely important, there are a number of additional things that you need to get right, in order to convince your potential customers that they can trust you.

1. Make sure your company address and contact telephone number is prominently displayed on all pages of your website

I am constantly amazed at how many websites do not display their company address and telephone number on their website. This creates the impression of a faceless organisation, that is likely to offer poor customer service and will be difficult to contact, if something goes wrong with the product you wish to purchase.

Additionally an awful lot of websites only advertise a mobile telephone number as their primary point of contact. Again, this can create the impression of an unprofessional company that may not be trustworthy. For home based companies that do not wish to advertise their personal landline number, a more practical solution would be to use a free virtual telephone service, such as Phone Call Manager.

If your customers do not know who you are, where you are based and how to contact you by telephone, they may refrain from doing business with you.

On our own website our address and telephone number is displayed at the bottom of every web page. If you’re serious about your online business you need to show your visitors that you have nothing to hide and display your full contact information on your website.

2. Publish your privacy policy on your website

Potential customers are sometimes wary of providing email addresses due to concerns about privacy. Publishing your privacy policy on your site provides extra confidence for your customers that their personal details will be handled in a professional manner and will help to boost the integrity of your brand. Again on our own website we have published a link on every page to our Privacy Policy page.

3. Have other customers tested your products and services?

If other customers have tested your products and services then it is less risky for new customers to buy from you. Your website visitors need to be reassured that you are a serious business. If your current customers have something positive to say about your products or services, list these testimonials on your website.

In order to be successful online it is vitally important to establish your brand integrity and develop a trustworthy website. Show your visitors that your business is real and that they can trust you.

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