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Mobile Website Design Service

If you do not have a mobile responsive website you are losing significant traffic and sales opportunities to your competitors that have already invested in developing a mobile website strategy

If you are looking to improve your customer conversion rates, the following articles may be of interest:

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Mobile is now mission critical for e-business - Computerworld Mobile is now mission critical for e-business – Computerworld

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Web traffic from smartphones will make up 43% of all web traffic next year and will reach 52% globally in 2019, according to research firm Forrester. The implications of such mobile web growth are profound, especially for e-businesses trying to …and more »

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3 common mobile Web design mistakes that could cost brands – Luxury Daily

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3 common mobile Web design mistakes that could cost brands. November 9, 2016. Gabriel Shaoolian is founder/CEO of Blue Fountain Media. By Gabriel Shaoolian. It should come as no surprise that a shift to the mobile-first mentality has quickly become …

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Video: How To Build A Successful Website

Everyone wants to have a successful website that is ranked highly on Google and the other major search engines. However, many website owners do not understand how to effectively structure their sites, to ensure online success. If you wish to achieve high search engine ranking results then your website must have all the right ingredients.

Website Accessibility

The search engine spiders must be able to crawl your web pages in order to index them. If the search engines cannot access your web pages then they will be unable to include your content in their database and your site will be ignored.

It is important that your web server does not return any error codes when the search engines visit your web pages. If your server returns an error code it is unlikely that the search engines will be able to index your site.

In addition, make sure that the HTML code of your web pages does not contain any errors that may prevent search engines from indexing your website.

The content of your web pages must make sense to search engines. Do not rely heavily on images, videos or Flash to present the main content of your web pages, as search engines have great difficulty in understanding this type of material.

Site and information architecture

Affordable Business Website Design ServicesYour website should have good site architecture to make sure that it is not just a collection of random web pages. The pages of your website should be related and they should show search engines that your site is relevant to a specific topic.

This is very important because most major search engines use latent semantic indexing in their ranking algorithms and are able to understand a wide range of different keywords that are associated with a particular topic. Using a broad range of associated (LSI) keywords within your content will help to improve the search results for your primary targeted keywords.

Your site should also have good navigation architecture so that both search engines and human visitors know where they are within your site, on any page of your site.

Choosing the best keywords

Investing time in keyword research and choosing the best performing search terms for your website is one of the most important parts of the Search Engine Optimisation process. Selecting the right keywords will determine whether or not your SEO strategy will be successful.

From an SEO perspective it is best to focus on 2 or 3 word keyword phrases. One word keywords are less likely to convert to a sale and they are also much more competitive.

Web Page Content

Websites that only offer articles and affiliate links, that can be found on dozens of other sites, will have a hard time achieving high search engine rankings.

It is extremely important that you produce high quality and unique content for your website. If you are an expert in a specialist field, write as much as possible about that particular topic. Creating a broad range of interesting articles will help you to establish your online brand as an authority in your chosen field. You will also be building a valuable resource of information that your clients will be keen visit on a regular basis.

Link popularity

Developing the Link Popularity of your website is still an important part of the SEO process. It is impossible to achieve high rankings on the major search engines without having a good supply of high quality one way links, pointing to your website. Only build links from web pages that are relevant to your product or service. The more relevant the link page, the more valuable the link will be in helping to improve your search engine rankings.

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Getonfast Website Design ServiceIf your website does not appear trustworthy, you are unlikely to secure many sales, even if your website enjoys high volume traffic. Although a high quality, professionally designed website, together with a secure and easy to use online order process are extremely important, there are a number of additional things that you need to get right, in order to convince your potential customers that they can trust you.

1. Make sure your company address and contact telephone number is prominently displayed on all pages of your website

I am constantly amazed at how many websites do not display their company address and telephone number on their website. This creates the impression of a faceless organisation, that is likely to offer poor customer service and will be difficult to contact, if something goes wrong with the product you wish to purchase.

Additionally an awful lot of websites only advertise a mobile telephone number as their primary point of contact. Again, this can create the impression of an unprofessional company that may not be trustworthy. For home based companies that do not wish to advertise their personal landline number, a more practical solution would be to use a free virtual telephone service, such as Phone Call Manager.

If your customers do not know who you are, where you are based and how to contact you by telephone, they may refrain from doing business with you.

On our own website our address and telephone number is displayed at the bottom of every web page. If you’re serious about your online business you need to show your visitors that you have nothing to hide and display your full contact information on your website.

2. Publish your privacy policy on your website

Potential customers are sometimes wary of providing email addresses due to concerns about privacy. Publishing your privacy policy on your site provides extra confidence for your customers that their personal details will be handled in a professional manner and will help to boost the integrity of your brand. Again on our own website we have published a link on every page to our Privacy Policy page.

3. Have other customers tested your products and services?

If other customers have tested your products and services then it is less risky for new customers to buy from you. Your website visitors need to be reassured that you are a serious business. If your current customers have something positive to say about your products or services, list these testimonials on your website.

In order to be successful online it is vitally important to establish your brand integrity and develop a trustworthy website. Show your visitors that your business is real and that they can trust you.

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