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When designing a new website it is important to check that your new site displays correctly in all, major web browsers. Unfortunately, depending on the type of coding and scripts that have been used to design your site, you may find that not all web browsers are capable of displaying your content correctly.

Even if you have had your website professionally designed, you should not assume that your web designer has checked the web browser compatibility of your new site across all search engines.

This article contains handy tips on how to check your web browser compatibility and highlights a range of online tools that can be used to make this somewhat daunting and tedious task much easier.

“This is probably one of the most annoying parts of being a web designer, checking your newly designed websites for compatibility in different web browsers.

You would think that as there are certain web standards set out that all web browsers should display web content in the same way, sadly this is not true in most cases.

To make your websites compatible in all major web browsers you could install every browser on your computer, now while this works its not always necessary…..”

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“These days, everyone’s using a different browser to surf the internet. Between popular options like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which make up close to 98% of the internet market share of browsers, and the other little known browsers like Konqueror, there are a multitude of browsers being used to view your small business website, which is why it is important that your website is usable across all major media.

Check Your Browser Compatibility On Your Website

How does your current website perform in the multitude of browsers that are out there? Why not check for yourself? If you don’t want to install all the major browsers out there on your own personal machine, here are some links to help you out…..”

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“Web Browser Automation is a process where certain steps in the web browser are performed repetitively to ensure the correct operation of the web application’s functionality. It may be applied for QA testing in the development process and for control over Information System accessibility and performance during implementation. The second becomes more and more important since current market trends indicate that just having a good service is not enough; the service should also be highly accessible and effective.

With Web Browser Automation Tools it is possible to check accessibility and performance by periodically running some transaction scenarios for certain services.

There are many Web Browser Automation Tools, both paid and free/open source. The main purpose of these tools is to record a specific transaction scenario for a browser, play it back by injecting JavaScript into web pages and then to provide the corresponding results. The tools vary in many characteristics: OS platform support, supported programming languages, SSL support, whether it uses a real web browser or simulates the real browser’s behavior, etc.

Below are presented a relative comparison of some popular free/open source tool’s characteristics…..”

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So to summarise, to be absolutely sure that your website is being displayed correctly to all of your existing and potential customers, it is vitally important that you spend time and effort to check the compatibilty of your site across all major web browsers.

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It is important to check that your website is compatible with all major web browsers. My preferred browser is Firefox. Obviously I review hundreds of different websites each week and it is not unusual to view web pages that appear to have missing text or images, over lapping text or specific functionality that simply does not work.

Inevitably the reason for this is because the site is not compatible with Firefox and the webmaster has not bothered to check if their website is compatible with the many different browsers that exist. Some web design companies are also guilty of not checking that a new site will function properly in all of the major browsers.

Because Inernet Explorer is deemed to be the major player in terms of market share, there is a tendency to forget that there are thousands of internet users, using alternative browser platforms. If your website does not perform properly when viewed through all of the major browsers then you are potentially losing out on a significant slice of business.

It is therefore vitally important to ensure that your site will function properly and look its best, no matter what browser your visitors are using.

The major web browsers and their market share as of December 2008, is as follows:

* Source – NetApplications.com

As you can see, if your website only functions properly with Internet Explorer, there is potentially a whopping 30% of visitors that are unable to view your site correctly.

You will need to download the latest version of each browser and install on your computer, in order to check that your site can be viewed correctly and is functioning properly. If you identify a problem with your site you should report this to your web designer/developer who should be able to fix the problem. Most compatibility issues are easily resolved, once they have been identified.

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