Do you use underscores or hyphens in your URL’s?

Have you ever wondered if one method is better than the other?

Have you ever considered if Google interprets an undersore differently from a hyphen?

Well, the answer is yes they do. According to Googles, Matt Cutts, hyphens are recognised as a separator and underscores are not.

This may not be important if your URL does not contain any major keywords. However if you are targeting a keyword within your URL, you will need to ensure that the relevant Keywords are separated by a hyphen and not an underscore.

For example would be interpreted as, in the eyes of Google. This is a missed opportunity as their are two primary keywords (“Professional Carpet Cleaning” and “Carpet Cleaning”) that would not be recognised by Google.

However, if this URL had been structured as then Google would recognise the individual keywords, which would help your Web Page Optimisation efforts.

So, there you have it, always try and use hyphens as opposed to underscores in your URL’s, for maximum benefit.