Social Medial LinksCreating an awareness of your online brand should be an important part of your internet marketing strategy. Many customers use Google and other search engines to find more details about your company before they purchase. Therefore, an effective brand management strategy can help your business convert more online customers.

Developing social media profiles across a range of popular social media websites offers an ideal opprtunity to improve the general awareness and visibility of your online business. When customers are searching for information about your company, your social media profiles will provide them with additional information, positive reviews and links to your website.

You will need to register with each social networking site in order to create your brand pages and social media profiles.

When creating your social media profiles remember to include as much information as possible about your company, your products and unique selling points. Include any positive reviews or testimonials you have received and always remember to link back to your main site where possible.

To help boost the ranking of these pages it is a good idea to link to your social media profiles as much as possible. This can be achieved by linking from various pages of your website, cross linking between the social media pages and including links in your articles or blog posts.

Examples of popular social networking sites you can start with are as follows:

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