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Check out our April edition of Online Internet Marketing Digest which showcases this month’s top online marketing and website promotion stories.This regular feature is published every month and is designed to provide you with the most up to date Online Marketing Information, all in one place.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest online trends and developments that may affect your business, please view our collection of the latest, hand picked, internet marketing news stories below.

If you learn one thing from this video, it’s that you should never bring a Ouija board to jury duty.
If you learn two things, it’ll probably be about giraffe pee. If you learn all five things, great. Do you want a medal or something?Enjoy this week’s episode of Reddit Facts, and be sure to subscribe to Mashable’s YouTube channel for this and other fun weekly shows.
If you’re at work and can’t watch the video, here are the source links for this week’s factoids…

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Understandably when you search for something online there are those websites that you just don’t want popping up in your results. It would be fantastic if you had some type of control over that no matter what you were searching for.
There once was a feature on Google when you searched for something that would let you block certain websites. This is no longer the case as they have done away with your ability to do that automatically…

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Expanding internationally is extremely have to deal with different time zones, languages, and cultures. Google+ Hangouts can help break down the barriers separating you from your clients, customers, or your own staff.

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Rise of the New School SEO Professional


There’s a gold rush under way as brands allocate big budgets to build and optimize their presence in emerging search and discovery channels. How can SEOs stake their claim in this new mobile, local, social, and content marketing territory?

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Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media sites ever made. It is unique in its design and was the first true hit for the social photo format. Imitators have come and gone, and many others exist with less success. Even the demographic is shifting from being almost entirely women to including quite a few men, and marketers have been going nuts with the possibilities of using the site to their advantage…

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SEO Link BuildingThe two terms sound incredibly similar, which gives the mistaken impression that they must be the same.
I see many people getting confused when you are talking about name anchors… “Is this what we need to build links for?”… Ugh, no.The two are used for different functions entirely, and they have different tags used to make them.
Link Anchor Text
The simplest way to explain that: anchor text = visible text of the link
For example, let’s say you were speaking about Google’s search engine…

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For years Google was trying to break into the social media scene. They spent time, energy and funds into launching their own versions, which always managed to crash and burn almost as soon as they were released.
Most of us have witnessed these failures first hand, and if you want a refresher course just check out this helpful infographic that illustrated the many attempts. Google has not had the best track record, with their successes usually through purchasing already established sites like YouTube…

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Google keeps integrating Google+ deeper into all of its products and today it’s Drive’s turn. When you open a file in Drive, you will now see the Google+ profile pictures of other viewers at the top of the document. Hovering over them brings up their Google+ card with their cover image and which Google+ circle you currently have them in. This, Google says, will make it easier to see who you are collaborating with on any given Drive document…

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You may also wish to check out this latest video from Google.

Does linking my two sites together violate the quality guidelines?

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Check out our Online Internet Marketing Digest which showcases this months top web marketing stories.This regular feature is published every month and is designed to provide you with the most up to date Web Marketing Information, all in one place.

Your can view this months collection of the hottest, hand picked, internet marketing news stories below.

How to Turn Your Failed Tests into Winners!


Change can by terrifying. But great testing results can sometimes be a result of a series of bad or “failed” tests. Embrace test failures as a necessary part of the process. Only then will you have the courage to try, try again, and succeed.

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Recently, I was asked to run an estimate of traffic opportunity for a multinational sports franchise in which I modeled their current global traffic against brand visibility growth opportunities. However, I also identified that to make the estimate relevant, I needed to quantify the traffic more…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Google-PenguinAt the recent SXSW event, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s search spam team, announced that Google’s Penguin algorithm updates would undergo some major changes in 2013. So take this as your official warning!
Cutts claimed that the Penguin algorithm update in 2013 is going to be so large that it is likely to be the most talked about algorithm update that Google makes all year. In fact, Cutts says that the search quality team has been working very diligently on this update which is going to be extremely significant to Google…

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Did you know that the higher a site is listed in search results, the more traffic that site is likely to receive? If you’re a search marketer, or anyone with a dose of common sense, you do. But Microsoft had research conducted to yet again prove this point, in an attempt to influence the…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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bing-2013-logo-featured-300x142Bing has announced support for HTML5 pushState as a way to implement AJAX on a site in a way that enables Bing to crawl and index the URLs and content. As Google has supported this implementation since early 2012, site owners finally have an AJAX option that can be crawled and indexed by both major…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Free Mobile Phone Web Design Report
T-Mobile is finally getting the iPhone 5— the last major carrier to do so.
The company announced during a press event in New York City on Tuesday the iPhone 5 is finally coming to T-Mobile, for a $99.99 down payment and $20 for each month (for 24 months). Although it will be available without a contract, customers can subscribe to its LTE network.
Meanwhile, the iPhone 4 can be purchased for a down payment of $14…

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Google-NewsGoogle’s Universal Analytics aims to help you understand how customers interact with your business across devices, give insights into mobile app performance, and improve your ROI by helping you understand which channels drive the best results.

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Getonfast YouTube ChannelMany people wouldn’t think there is a link between SEO and videos on your website. In fact, the two are very much related. Especially with the popularity of YouTube, video is more important than ever in getting your message across. Search engine crawlers see multimedia elements on a webpage as more diverse, as opposed to just text, so this helps to boost your SEO efforts. Of course, the video description, tags, and title all need to keep your site’s SEO in mind, too…

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If you are searching for up to date online marketing information, then you have come to the right place.

Our regular Internet Marketing Digest contains the top news stories from the Search Engine Optimisation and website promotion world

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IllumiRoom Turns Your Entire Living Room Into a TV ScreenOur TV sets are getting bigger and bigger and with ever greater resolutions. But what if the screen isn’t enough anymore though? That’s the idea behind Microsoft’s latest idea, a technology that turns the room around your TV into an extension of it.
IllumiRoom uses a Kinect sensor and a projector “to blur the lines between on-screen content and the environment we live in allowing us to combine our virtual and physical worlds,” as Microsoft puts it the project’s official site…

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This is perhaps the biggest search news to break so far in 2013! Google’s main rival in Russian, Yandex, has built a secret search engine for Facebook.
Yandex is Russia’s biggest search engine and has lent its support Facebook by producing a voice-activated visual search engine codenamed Wonder. According to TechCrunch, Wonder is a mobile app that allows people to ask what businesses friends have visited and what content they’ve consumed…

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Developing a good hypothesis should always be informed by some degree of knowledge, irrespective of any certainty around what the outcome may be. Here is how you can create a hypothesis for your ad copy test and components to quickly improve it.

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The phrase Big Data is everywhere. Not a day passes without the release of another report that describes the extent to which Big Data is influencing how we do business. But, what exactly is Big Data? What does Big Data mean in the context of digital marketing? How can we be more effective search…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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SEOButtonTransparentWhether you call yourself an SEO, SEM, inbound marketer, online marketing specialist, or any one of a number of terms, your ultimate goal is the same: increasing sales or conversions for your clients. To do this, you need to bring a host of skill sets to bear. Sometimes, the skills of a historian come in handy.This thought crossed my mind after reading Mike Fleming’s excellent post for Search Engine Guide on the various professional an inbound marketer must, er, employ…

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he Ten Commandments Of Pinterest is a post by SEO expert Hilary Biggart. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.Pinterest is escalating. If it isn’t part of your business internet marketing strategy, you could be falling behind. Don’t believe me? Here are some interesting statistics that make the case for Pinterest being a valuable asset for your internet marketing strategy: How about brand awareness? Pinterest users have increased 145% since January …

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After the whole Insta-gate incident where we saw a lot of back and forth about whether Facebook-owned, popular photo sharing app Instagram was losing users, today a report has come out that claims user attrition at an even bigger target: Facebook itself.
According to an article in the Guardian, the social network lost some 600,000 users in December in the UK, the sixth-biggest market for Facebook by subscribers…

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Check out our latest selection of the most recent internet marketing stories.
Each week we will publish a selection of the hottest online marketing stories, hand picked to help you keep up to date with the latest website promotion and SEO news.

So, if you are interested in reading the latest developments in the online marketing world, then our regular Online Internet Marketing Digest feature is for you.

Google-NewsIn today’s world of instant gratification, with Twitter often scooping traditional news sources, we still turn to professional journalists for accurate, timely news, and confirmation of the events that transpired. While breaking news offers instant awareness, we…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Yahoo 2012: Top Sports Related Searches


The London Olympics were the #7 most popular search on Yahoo overall in 2012, Even Mckayla Maroney has to be impressed with that. Searchers were flipping and flying as high as Gabby Douglas for any official games coverage on Yahoo in 2012. Top Searches for 2012 Olympians On Yahoo! maria sharapova…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Search-EnginesWhile Yahoo’s market share continues to decline, Google and Bing hit all time highs in October. Changes in the market may be to blame, but it could be that fans are continuing to lose interest in Yahoo and other once popular search engines.
Here are the official figures:Google: 66.9% (66.7% in Sept 2012)
Bing: 16% (15.9% in Sept 2012)
Yahoo: 12.2% (no change from Sept 2012)
Ask: 3.2% (3.5% in Sept 2012)
AOL: 1…

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Pope Benedict XVI has launched an official Twitter account with the handle @pontifex.
The move was announced in November, when a Vatican official said the Pope (or, more precisely, whoever handles his Twitter account) would be tweeting fairly infrequently, with his tweets “not veering far from his texts.”
The Pope’s account currently doesn’t have any tweets. It follows 7 other accounts, which are all versions of the same account in different languages: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, French and Arabic…

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Apple is about to more than double the number of countries where the iPhone 5 is available.
More About: apple, iphone

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The Imminent Mobile Commerce Avalanche


A variety of trends point toward a coming avalanche of mobile influence and spending as consumer behavior, marketers, and technology converge to create a perfect shopping storm. Retailers must prepare now or risk getting buried!

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Technology is quickly disrupting one of the oldest industries in the country, fashion. And customization is at the heart of that, whether it’s personalized web fittings or Indie boutique pieces via Etsy or completely customized clothing. Bow & Drape, a company we met in Boston, is ready to rethink the way you shop for dresses.
In essence, Bow & Drape lets you start with a silhouette A line, drop-waist, or whatever and continue customizing from there…

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If you are searching for the latest internet marketing news or want to read this weeks hot stories from the online marketing world, then our regular Online Internet Marketing Digest feature is for you.

Each week we will bring you a round up of the most important topics that will help you to develop a successful online business.

The folowing is a selection of our hand picked, top Internet Marketing and SEO stories from the last week.

Semantic SEO is a fairly new Web marketing tactic that combines search engine optimization and semantic Web technology. Semantic SEO includes a focus on artificial intelligence to understand a user’s intent (i.e., the meaning of the query) in addition to the reliance on text, keywords and links in…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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SEO Crash Course: 3-Part Video Series is a post by SEO expert iGoByDoc. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.
Hubspot Teams Up With For FREE SEO Crash Course Video Training
From SEO basics to advanced strategies, this 3-part video series has it all.
>> Enroll In The Crash Course TODAY
Search engine optimization is a critical part to any business marketing strategy, and it is important to keep up to date with all of the changes happening with the Google algorithm, as well as other search engines…

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It’s been about six months since Bing unveiled its Social Sidebar, and the search engine is now testing a new format that drops the gray background and which shows more matching content from friends and social networks. Before & After Here’s an example of how the Social Sidebar…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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inside-googleIn an interview, former Google web-spam member Andre Weyher gave more information about the way Google detects web spam. The most important facts and statements can be found in this week’s article.

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e91818e2A ‘privacy notice’ that’s been virally spreading on Facebook, supposedly protecting one’s personal details and data from unauthorized copying, is fake.
The notice started spreading a few days after Facebook posted its new privacy guidelines, announcing it would let users comment on proposed changes to its governing documents, but not vote.
The text of the notice starts as follows: “In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, graphics, comics, paintings, photos and videos, etc…

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Make no mistake, it’s vastly different from what Google claimed it would be. Just ask anyone who studies their Google Analytics data. When a signed-in user performs a Google search, the search engine encrypts the data; the search shows up in GA as not provided rather than a search for a particular keyword. If the number of not provided searches grows too high, SEOs and marketers can no longer tell what effect, if any, their marketing efforts are achieving…

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Everyone wants more clicks, more conversions, better ROI, lower CPA, and phenomenal results for pennies. But be cautious when choosing a metric. Always keep your business goals in mind and translate them into a PPC metric that makes sense to you.

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Google-NewsGoogle fans have one more reason to celebrate, and this time, it’s enough to knock the socks off even the most jaded internet user.
For certain customers in the Kansas City area, Google has launched Google Fiber , the internet connection to unseat all internet connections. Some people get excited when they get 20 or 30 MBPS speeds. Imagine getting 600-700 for a price comparable to that same old normal high-speed line…

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If you have ever wondered how Google knows if the content on your site is original, then check out this official Google video.


Getonfast has been offering highly affordable online marketing services for almost 10 years and provides a FREE Website SEO Report  which will help you to understand how Google ranks your website.

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Meta tags provide important information for search engines and are contained in the head section of your webpage’s HTML source code. Meta Tags cannot be seen by visitors to your website, but are used by search engines to identify information on the specific topics of a web page. Although your website’s code may include a wide range of different tags, there are three important meta tags that search engines use to obtain information about the content of your website.

The most important of these tags from both a visitor and search engine perspective is your Title Tag. See my article on “How To Write A Killer Title Tag for further information. Your Description Tag is also important and should contain a short description about the topic of the web page and finally your Keywords Tag should contain a list of relevant keywords.

Boost your search engine rankings with a well crafted and search engine friendly Title Tag

As previously mentioned, the most important of all these tags is your Title Tag. The information contained in this tag is displayed at the top of the browser window for all visitors to see. It is also used by Google and the other major search engines as the first line of your listings description in the organic search results and normally appears in bold. It is therefore extremely important that this tag contains relevant information that provides your potential customers with an idea of what each web page is about. For effective SEO, your Title Tag must also contain at least one of your targeted keyword search terms. Creating a properly structured Title Tag will also instill confidence in your potential customers, who may be viewing your website for the first time. Web pages that have empty tags or contain a generic term such as Home or About do not look as professional as those that describe what a web page is about, such as Affordable Red Widgets For All Your Requirements.

A compelling Description Tag will help to increase the number of visitors to your website

Using your Description Tag correctly is an important part of the SEO Process. Google uses the information contained in your Description Tag to generate the description for your web page that appears in the organic search results. Having a well written and compelling description as part of your search engine listing can make the difference between a potential customer clicking your link or not, which is why these tags are important.

Are Keyword Tags still important?

Although Google does not rely on the Keywords Tag as much as they used to, they are far more likely to rank any niche keywords you wish to target, if they are present in your Keywords Tag. Therefore it is still worth the effort to make sure that this tag contains a list of relevant search terms.

It is extremely important that a unique set of meta tags is created for each page of your website, containing targeted keywords that are relevant to the web page content of each specific page. For further details watch this excellent video.

Investing time to create keyword rich, search engine friendly tags is an important part of the Website Promotion Process and if done correctly will make a major difference to any online business.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and now have a better understanding about “What Are Meta Tags On A Website” and how you should be using these tags to improve your SEO efforts.

As usual, please feel free to comment.

In order to discover and control how search engines rate your website you may also be interested in requesting a FREE Website SEO Report, right now!

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If you are an online business owner searching for up to date information on how to improve your search engine rankings, then our regular Friday Internet Marketing Digest is exactly what your need.

Each week we will bring you the latest search engine optimisation and Web Marketing News, to keep you informed on the latest trends and topics that may affect your website.

Check out this weeks hand picked selection below.

google-penguin-webspam-sheriffOther than cleaning up the quality of the Google index what else could the objective of the Penguin updates be? Much like the icebergs that so often surround penguins, Google’s Penguin updates have much, much more going on below the surface.

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Google will start offering Google Play music and movies to Google TV owners in the UK, Germany and France starting November 13, the company has announced.
Google previously announced the service will also be available in Canada and Australia on that date as well, but that hasn’t happened. Google has apologized for that announcement, adding it’s bringing Google Play to more countries “all the time…

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Getonfast Facebook Business PageSocial media juggernaut Facebook has begun to test an exciting new service that will allow local, small businesses to offer free Wi-Fi to followers after checking in with the social network.
During this test, Facebook will supply the wireless routers to be used for the endeavor, though the businesses themselves will provide the Internet access. When Facebook users check into a particular location on Facebook, they will get a redirect to Facebook’s main business page, allowing them to continue to browse the Internet for no additional charges…

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Getonfast SEO Packages
SEO Tips From Industry Experts: An Infographic And Ebook is a post by SEO expert iGoByDoc. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.
Recently, our friends at Hubspot reached out to me and asked if we would like to be a part of a new ebook they were putting together called SEO Tips From Industry Experts and of course I said absolutely, we would love to!
Our topic to cover was Mastering On-Page SEO and for this we had our VP of Client Services, Greg Shuey provide the content…

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Google-NewsIn a recently active Google Webmaster Help forum thread, Google’s Trends Analyst John Mueller warned webmasters that it will take more than a single tweak made to their website to have any positive impact on their Google ranking.
Google’s notoriously tough search engine algorithm forces users to keep finding different ways to optimize their websites in the hope of snagging that prized top ranking…

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Priceline is a public company that owns several other travel brands, including,,, and a few other travel sites. You can now add leading travel search engine to that list. Priceline announced that it was buying the travel site for $1.8…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Anyone who works in interactive advertising can testify to the tedium that often accompanies even the seemingly-simplest of campaign changes. That’s the problem Google is trying to address in its latest AdWords feature bulk editing. The feature is being rolled out in a few accounts…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Many websites fail to achieve high positions in the search engine ranking results due to poorly optimised web pages.

By following our Free Search Engine Optimisation Tips you can help search engines to decide which keywords are relevant to your website, and improve your rankings when those keywords are entered by a potential customer.

Free search engine optimisation tips

The following free search engine optimisation tips will help you to improve your search engine ranking results:

Choosing the correct keywords, that have high search volumes, is crucial. We see so many websites that have fallen into the trap of using keywords that have extremely low search volumes, due to lack of Keyword Research. There is no point in achieving a high listing on Google or any of the other major search engines, for a keyword that nobody is searching for. These types of keywords will produce zero traffic for your site.

Make sure that you choose the right keywords. Invest time in keyword research in order to identify the best performing keywords for your website, based on search volume and the number of websites competing for a specific keyword. The strongest performing keywords are those with a high search volume and low competition.

Identify your top performing keyword and make sure this is used in your Title Meta Tag. Use a maximum of 10 words in this tag. Most search engines will use this as the title for your listings.

Write a Description Meta Tag that is enticing and informative to search engine users. Make sure that your primary keyword is included in your description. Most search engines will use this description for your listings in their ranking results.

Do not use more than 25 to 35 keywords in your Keywords Meta Tag. Keywords must be separated by commas, without any spaces.

Make sure the main body text of each web page contains your targeted keywords. It is important to ensure that the keyword density for each word is between 3% to 5% of the overall keywords used on each page. If it is higher than this, you may be penalised by the search engines. There are many online tools that will allow you to check the keyword density of your web pages.

Do not try and fool search engines by using tricks such as excessive use of keywords or white text on a white back ground, in an attempt to hide keywords. Search engines have been around long enough to be aware of these tricks and using them may get your website banned.

Ensure that Image Alt Tags are used to optimise your images and that the text contains your targeted keywords.

Search engines are only capable of recognising static text on a web page, therefore excessive use of graphics, animated Flash files or images should be avoided.

You may also find this search engine optimisation video for startups, produced by Google Webmaster Help, of interest.

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Copywriter 2The copy on each of your web pages should be created to serve two specific purposes.

Firstly, your copy must be engaging and compelling for the reader. If your web copy is really interesting it will encourage your visitors to remain on your site for longer and also visit additional pages within your site.

Secondly, your copy must be properly optimised for the relevant keywords you wish to target and made as search engine friendly as possible. This will ensure that your web pages receive the maximum exposure to potential customers searching for the products or services that you offer.

Here are my top 6 SEO copywriting tips that will help you to improve your websites copy and rank more highly on Google and the other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing:

1) Keyword Research

Conducting some form of keyword research will help you to identify the top performing keywords to target on each page of your website. This is absolutely crucial to the success of your SEO copywriting project. See our Keyword Research blog post on our sister site, for more information on the importance of investing time in keyword research for search engine success.

2) Use H1, H2 or H3 Tags for your main headings

Make sure that your main headings are placed within H1, H2 or H3 tags and that the heading text contains your important keywords. Search engines place greater importance on keywords contained within these tags.

3) Use bold text to emphasise keywords

When you emphasise a keyword with bold text, again search engines will place greater importance on these keywords.

4) Internal linking

Create Links within your copy to other pages of your site which contain relevant information. This will benefit your visitors and increase the amount of time they spend on your site.

5) Use a minimum of 400 words per page

Try and write a minimum of 400 words per page and more if possible. Content is king as far as the search engines are concerned and the more text the better. The greater the amount of text on a page the easier it is to optimise for your targeted keywords. This will also help in avoiding any keyword density penalties.

6) Optimise your images

Search engines do not see images on a web page. However it is possible to embed text within your images that will be seen by the search engines, by using image Alt tags.

The easiest way to write high quality, search engine friendly web copy is to use your common sense more than anything and get the balance right between optimising your pages for your targeted keywords and creating compelling copy that will engage your visitors. If your SEO copywriting project can achieve this, you will create a website that not only ranks highly in the search engine ranking results, but also entices quality visitors that are more likely to convert into paying customers.

If you found this SEO copywriting post helpful, why not subscribe to my Blog by RSS Feed or Email and receive free Professional SEO Tips and Internet Marketing information, direct to your in box.

As ever, please feel free to comment on this post