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How To Set Up An Influencer Marketing Campaign

“Some people hold a higher place of influence so when we are faced with a purchasing decision, we turn to these influencers to guide us. And brands are beginning to pick up on this as a marketing avenue.

If executed properly, an influencer marketing campaign can have a positive and powerful affect on a brand. But in order for all the pieces of the campaign to fall in place, it needs to be executed properly, and the first step is setting it up for success.

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10 SEO Questions to Ask Yourself in 2016

“Any good SEO will tell you that website performance is a huge factor in getting ranked. In fact, it pays to spend time and money to ensure your page load time is as fast as it can be.

Why is this important? User engagement. If your website loads too slowly, users will give up and go elsewhere. Your bounce rate will increase. And Google won’t rank you as highly in the SERPs if your performance stinks.

This is even more of an issue on mobile. The same page will typically load even slower on a smartphone or tablet than it will on a desktop. And users are more impatient, meaning that you are truly leaving traffic off the table by ignoring performance.

There are several ways to know if your website is too slow. You can have a speed test run, check Google Search Console for the average load time, or get an SEO professional to analyze it for you. I recommend the latter if you want to be sure you do it right and get professional assistance to fix anything they find.”

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Essential SEO Tips

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Make the Most of Your Local SEO Campaign

“There is a lot about search engine optimization (SEO) for you to learn. Many people read articles online about SEO and they feel like they have become professionals in the field. Well, this is a feeling someone gets when they have understood something extensively. You feel like you can educate others about it. This is good but then, there is always something more for you to learn. As a matter of fact, this cannot be any more real for SEO. There is a lot of information online about SEO that makes people feel like that they have learnt everything about the topic. Sadly, a majority of the articles online about SEO are usually about organic SEO.”

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3 Effective SEO Software Options That Will Save You Thousands of Dollars

“One of the biggest and most costly mistakes business owners make when it comes to choosing the right SEO software is choosing the right solution that best suits your business at the right time.

Not all businesses are at the same stage in growth. When it comes to implementing SEO for a new start-up your business will need to focus on the fundamentals of SEO by starting with the websites structure itself, setting up social media accounts and starting your blog. In this case a simple, basic SEO software will be perfectly antiquate while other more established sites might need a significantly more robust solution to ramp up an Off Page campaign, monitor on-page activity and site analytics.

The trick for every business owner is knowing which SEO software solution will best fill their needs now and which will be more beneficial later. With so many options out there here are 3 inexpensive solutions to consider when choosing the best SEO software for you.”

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Google Rank Brain Feature

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Googlicious – Google’s ‘RankBrain’ artificial intelligence for search is better than humans

Google RankBrain Artificial Intelligence

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google-sitemaps-logoSitemaps are an ideal way for website owners to help search engines crawl deeper and index more pages on their sites.

A lot of websites have a dedicated web page that contains links to all of the sites internal pages. This is primarily used to assist the user in navigating around a website and can be very useful, especially on large websites containing hundreds of pages. Additionally this type of Sitemap provides additional navigation links for search engines, which will help them to find more of your sites internal pages.

However in 2005 Google announced an ‘approved’ XML Sitemap format as the preferred method for indexing websites. This was quickly adopted by Yahoo and MSN. An XML Sitemap is actually a source file which is uploaded to your server. This file will be found by the search engines and used as their preferred navigation route, when indexing your web pages.

I review many websites where a number of internal pages have not been indexed by Google and installing an XML Sitemap will help the search engines to find these non indexed web pages.

Until now, there has been very little research to determine how effective XML Sitemaps really are. However, Google have recently published a detailed XML Sitemaps study, which provides us with an insight into their effectiveness.

The purpose of the Google study was to measure XML Sitemap usage over the last few years in order to determine how Sitemap files have improved the following:

  • Coverage – how effective are Sitemaps at assisting Google to crawl the web deeper and find new content that it might not have found previously
  • Freshness – do Sitemaps assist Google to crawl new or updated content faster, when compared to the normal crawl.

The study was based on three large websites, Amazon, CNN, and Pubmed.

Amazon’s sitemaps include around 20 million URLs. They also make every effort to indicate the best URL versions, of product pages in their XML sitemap.

CNN,s approach to XML sitemaps focuses upon helping search engines find the many new URLs which are added daily.

Pubmed contains a large archive of URLs listed in their XML sitemaps, however these are only updated on a monthly basis.

This is quite a detailed study with the final paper being 10 pages long. It is a great read if you are interested in understanding how Google Sitemaps work and how they can benefit your website. Download a copy here.

Some interesting facts from the study:

  • Approximately 35 million Sitemaps were published, as of October 2008.
  • The 35 million Sitemaps include several billion URLs.
  • Most popular Sitemap formats include XML (77%), Unknown (17.5%), URL list (3.5%), Atom (1.6%) and RSS (0.11%).
  • 58% of URLs in Sitemaps contain the last modification date.
  • 7% of URLs contain the change frequency field.
  • 61% of URLs contain the priority field.

If you are not using XML Sitemaps on your website, then this study highlights the need for you to consider adding them.

If you would like help adding an XML Sitemap to your website please Contact Us or alternatively visit our Professional SEO website for further information.