Affordable Link Building ServicesDeveloping the link popularity of your website is still an extremely important part of the SEO process and will help to improve your search engine ranking results. It is therefore important to understand the best link building methods that will work in 2013.

The old style link building methods, such as Directory and Forum listings are no longer effective as a result of the various changes to Google’s search algorithmn over the last 18 months or so.

The way that links were traditionally created, typically using keyword rich anchor text, is also no longer an effective link building method.

Google have forced a major change on the methods that now must be used, in order to build links to your site that have real ranking value and it is now more important than ever to create a link profile that appears to look as natural as possible.

Developing robust Social Media profiles now plays an important part in the link popularity contest and if you are not seen by Google to be engaging with Social Media sites on a regular basis, your site is likely to suffer in the search engine ranking results.

To understand more about the best link building methods for 2013, I would recommend that you review the following articles and videos:


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As I have stated previously, link building is still very important and influences your position in the search engine ranking results. The old link building methods no longer work and you need to follow the advice outlined in the various articles and videos above, to be successful in 2013.

Developing stronger Social Media Profiles should be an important part of your internet marketing strategy. However, if you do not really understand the difference between a Tweet and a Like, why not give us call and we will be delighted to explain!

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