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Free Website Analysis Report

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Free Website Analysis Report

The are many websites that now offer to produce a free website analysis report for your site. They offer this service to companies that want to improve their online presence. The benefits of using a Free Website Analysis Report are varied and this makes them a very important part of the internet marketing process. The quality of these reports and the information provided by the various companies offering this service will vary considerably. Some of these reports are likely to be very basic and others may even provide the wrong information. It is therefore essential that you select a website health check company that has a proven track record in the latest search engine optimisation techniques, in order to obtain reliable information that will provide the best results.

The main benefits of using a free website analysis report include the following:

One of the main benefits is to help you to improve your sites search engine ranking results. For a website to be ranked highly in the major search engines, such as Google, more than a hundred individual ranking factors are considered. A comprehensive website audit report will help you determine which areas of your website meet the required guidelines and in which areas you need to make improvements. This information is extremely helpful to you as it will enable you to easily identify those areas of your site that need improving, to get your site ranked highly.

A comprehensive website audit report should also help you to improve customer conversions, once you start receiving regular traffic to your site. This is different from helping you to achieve high rankings in Google. Here you are told about the various ways that you could make your website more user friendly. Users always want a site that they can navigate through easily without having a lot of hurdles. This type of report will tell which areas your website has failed and may even provide recommendations that will help you to find a solution to that problem. If you are unable to make the changes the report recommends, an internet marketing specialist will be able to do it for you, for a small fee.

A website has to be marketed effectively online for it to be successful. A reliable website audit report should also provide you with online marketing strategies that can make your internet business more successful. These strategies will differ from one business to another and so the report will only give you the internet marketing strategies that are most suited to your business. You are also told which online marketing techniques will work against you, so you are able to avoid them. The report should also teach you on the various ways to make your website more search engine friendly.

Using social media to improve your search engine ranking results

Social Media Marketing is now a very important part of the internet marketing process. A good website audit report will provide you with detailed information on how your social networking is crucial to the success of your businesses. They will also provide you with details of your back linking and whether you need to improve on it. Social networking and back linking are very crucial in ensuring that you make the most out of the resources that are your disposal. These two elements have become some of the leading factors in the ranking of websites. A free website analysis report that shows you what aspects you need to improve with regards to these two elements will be very beneficial to you.

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How to choose the best website analysis report

Do you still wonder why some websites don’t get any traffic from Google while others rake in huge profits from the massive, free traffic they receive from Google and other search engines? Then, you can benefit from an effective website analysis report.

Webmasters around the world stay awake at night, wondering why Google sends such huge traffic to their competitor websites. They also worry about the actions they take because they have no clue if their actions will lead to yet another penalty.

The right kind of website analysis report can give you information on things you do right and things you do wrong with your website. In such a report, you will find:

Analysis of keyword density

Is Google likely to penalise your website for keyword stuffing? Find out before it happens and take remedial measures before it is too late. Most novice webmasters make the mistake of stuffing their pages with all different kinds of keywords. Google has mechanisms to identify keyword stuffing and may remove such sites from their listings.

Analysis of page elements and page load times

Is your page loaded with more widgets than it can handle? Do you have a very slow loading website? Learn how to improve your websites loading time. Fast loading web pages are the favourites of search engines. Too many widgets can not only affect visitor experience, but also hamper your chances of getting high rankings in the search listings.

Analysis of page titles, meta tags and keyword usage

Page titles are important for several reasons. Firstly, your Title Tag helps the search engines to identify what the web page is all about. Secondly, visitors can easily understand what your page is all about, by simply looking at the title of the page, shown on the search engine results page.

Analysis of site architecture and page navigation

Learn from experts if your site’s link structure is the best it can get. Can a visitor reach every page of your website in two or three clicks? If not, you are in serious trouble. Search engines will find it difficult to index all your pages. It is also difficult for real visitors to find what they want on your site.

Analysis of broken links

You may have linked to an active web page, which was later deleted or moved to a new location. Lots of broken links are a bad sign. Leaving so many broken links in your site tells Google that you are not serious about keeping your website up to date. This can affect your rankings big time.

Selecting an effective website analysis report is the first step to removing site elements that may be affecting your search engine ranking results and strengthening those elements that give your site a ranking boost.

A website analysis report may not solve all of your website’s problems. It will however show you the exact steps you can take to increase the efficiency of your site. You will find the tips, suggestions and guidance practical and very helpful.

Why not request a FREE and Comprehensive Website Analysis Report of your website right now!

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