In addition to the two major Pay Per Click Advertising platforms, Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook should also be considered as an alternative source of advertising.

Facebook advertising offers a number of different options for potential advertisers. Ads can be purchased on either a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) basis and advertisers are able to set a maximum daily budget limit for each campaign.

Include images with your Facebook ads

An ad on Facebook can have an Ad Title up to a maximum of 25 characters, An Ad Description up to a maximum of 135 characters and you can also upload an image, to be displayed in your ad.

Facebook will automatically calculate a recommended CPC or CPM bid price, based upon an analysis of current winning bids. Your Facebook advertising campaign can be set up to be displayed to a specific audience, based upon their profile information and your target demographic requirements.

Advertise to over 500 million potential customers

It should be noted that the visitor intention of the average Facebook user is totally different from search engine users and therefore, the results of your Facebook advertising campaign will be totally different from the results achieved from traditional search engine advertising campaigns. However, since Facebook has an extremely large user base, in excess of 500 million potential customers, running a Facebook advertising campaign can serve as an effective medium to increase your online brand visibility and sales.

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