WWW-imageI think that the majority of Search Engine Optimisation Experts would agree that the age of your domain name does play some part in helping your ranking results on Google and other search engines. However, opinions do vary on the extent of its impact. For example, many SEO professionals believe that Google will not rank newly registered domain names for at least six months or more!

In order to address this issue, Google has released a video to explain the impact of the age of your domain name on your ranking results.

In the video Matt explains that Google uses data like the first crawl date and first link discovery date to determine the age of a domain. He also explains that purchasing an existing, established domain name will not necessarily help to improve your rankings.

The main difference between a domain name that is six months old compared to a one year old domain is not really that significant. Provided that your domain name is at least a couple of months old, it should show up in our search results.

While this may be true, it is important to note that older domains will have many advantages that will help them to rank more highly than a brand new domain name.

  • Many older domains tend to be well established sites containing a lot of content that has been developed over time.
  • Older domains will have the benefit of having acquired a huge amount of back links, built up over many years.
  • These valuable back links are likely to have been in place for several years which gives them more weight.

In my opinion, it is not worthwhile investing huge amounts of money on purchasing an existing, established domain name, purely for SEO Benefits. The age of your domain name is only one of over a hundred individual ranking factors, which play a part in determining your overall position in the search engine listings. If you are serious about building a strong online business, you may as well start with a brand new domain name and focus on developing your content and securing as many relevant back links to your site as possible.

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