There are incredible opportunities available for businesses that utilise the power of social media.

Therefore, as a business owner, you need to understand that a large percentage of your customers and prospects are actively using social media. If you have not already done so, now is the time to reach out to them via this highly cost effective marketing channel and start to develop your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Apart from helping you to develop your brand and establishing a greater awareness of your products and services online, your level of social media activity will also help to improve your search engine ranking results, as Google is now including “social proof” as part of their latest ranking algorithm update.

Using social media to change the way you market online

To help you to understand why it is important for you to develop a successful social media marketing strategy we are launching our Social Media For Business Guide, which includes the latest social media news items affecting your business. This helpful guide will be updated on a regular basis and will jam packed with the latest social media stories.

View the hottest, hand picked, social media news items below.

GavellThe week that was in social media law: Google’s $22.5 million settlement with the FTC over its misuse of data from Apple’s Safari users, the social media line between teacher as educator and teacher as individual, and the recent Facebook privacy data use policy change that gives the social network essentially unlimited use of your data, as it sees fit.

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Whilst many of us still use social media for commercial purposes, there are growing signs that social science is taking off in a big way, none more so than in predicting and mitigating the spread of infection.

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If you are interested in learning more about how Facebook can help you to market your business, the please check out this great video on Facebook marketing strategies for small business.

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The online business world can no longer dismiss or avoid the social media force gaining momentum each day.

Online businesses are stumbling over one another trying to figure out the social media code. It is a simple fact that many will give up before they ever fully understand the dynamics at play.

Using social media marketing to increase your sales!

However the savvy business owner will also recognise that, if used correctly, social media marketing can help to develop a brand, increase website traffic and ultimately, increase sales!

We recognise that many website owners are struggling to get to grips with developing an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy, which is why we have decided to introduce a new regular feature on our blog, the Social Media For Business Guide.

Each edition of our guide will include the latest social media news stories that will help you to learn more about the many benefits of using social media to help market your online business.

Check out our latest social media news items below.

By emphasising a campaign orientated approach, it creates a mindset that social media is another advertising platform. The campaign approach is understandable in advertising because you generally only have a budget to do a few campaigns a year.

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Getonfast Facebook Social ProfileJust ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, social media Goliath Facebook is rolling out a sales tracking tool for advertisers. The conversion measurement tool is a welcome and much-anticipated addition to their social advertising suite.

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Social Media Morning Report


Facebook might make you crazy, Firefox goes social, Twitter takes on Instagram, and more.

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Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news.To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention.What’s New This Week? Pinterest Rolls Out Business Accounts: Pinterest now offers a set of free tools and resources for businesses. There are new terms of service for businesses. To set up your Pinterest business account, go here…

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­Google AnalyticsDo you have a grip on your social traffic? Measuring your social media impact can be overwhelming. A tried-and-true favorite social media measurement tool is Google Analytics. Google Analytics can track the impact of social media traffic on your site, going beyond clicks, retweets and other vanity metrics. Here’s how to measure your social media traffic using Google Analytics. Identify where your social traffic comes from, Google Analytics can help you understand the user’social networks and their physical location…

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The online reputation can be a very superficial as it depends on something as subjective as our tendency to prejudice (positive or negative).

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Do you struggle to create and promote videos? Are you wondering how to make videos that go viral? To learn about the creative process of coming up with video ideas and making them happen, I interview Mark Malkoff for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. More about this show. The Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing…

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While many individuals (both customers and business owners) are familiar with the far-reaching arms of social media, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great system for improving your customer service handling, communications between employees, and saving money on your overall business expenses.

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MKTG_eblast_10172012bWhen you consider contemporary customer service, social media has become the star of the show. With brands directly connected to their fans through Facebook and Twitter, a new company + consumer relationship has truly taken off. It’s time to take your social media to new heights and deliver digital service to your consumer that is out of this world.

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Social media has changed the way news is gathered and reported. In this video top journalists and bloggers such as Jeff Jarvis and Chris Anderson talk about the non-stop media cycle and the impact it is having on reporting the news.

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