Web Browser Logos

It is important to check that your website is compatible with all major web browsers. My preferred browser is Firefox. Obviously I review hundreds of different websites each week and it is not unusual to view web pages that appear to have missing text or images, over lapping text or specific functionality that simply does not work.

Inevitably the reason for this is because the site is not compatible with Firefox and the webmaster has not bothered to check if their website is compatible with the many different browsers that exist. Some web design companies are also guilty of not checking that a new site will function properly in all of the major browsers.

Because Inernet Explorer is deemed to be the major player in terms of market share, there is a tendency to forget that there are thousands of internet users, using alternative browser platforms. If your website does not perform properly when viewed through all of the major browsers then you are potentially losing out on a significant slice of business.

It is therefore vitally important to ensure that your site will function properly and look its best, no matter what browser your visitors are using.

The major web browsers and their market share as of December 2008, is as follows:

* Source – NetApplications.com

As you can see, if your website only functions properly with Internet Explorer, there is potentially a whopping 30% of visitors that are unable to view your site correctly.

You will need to download the latest version of each browser and install on your computer, in order to check that your site can be viewed correctly and is functioning properly. If you identify a problem with your site you should report this to your web designer/developer who should be able to fix the problem. Most compatibility issues are easily resolved, once they have been identified.

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