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There is a wide range of online website promotion tools that can be used to help you develop your website and improve your level of visitor traffic. There are tools that will help you to keep track of your website’s performance in search engines and there are tools that will help you to discover broken links from within your site. Also discover tools that will help you to identify the top websites from which your competitors obtain their backlinks and learn how you too can secure links from the same high quality websites.

Read on to discover how you can use free and premium online Website Promotion Tools to get to the top of the search engines, attract more visitors and convert those visitors to paying customers.

Backlink Checking Tools

If you can discover where your competitors get their backlinks from, you can target the same sites for your own link building project. If you can obtain links from highly popular websites, they will help to improve your search engine ranking results. You will also receive some direct traffic from people clicking on those links.

There is a wide selection of backlink checking tools available, such as Backlink Watch, Backlink Analyzer by SEO Book, SEO SpyGlass and a whole lot more. These tools, among other things will help you find all of the sites that link to any website. Use backlink checking tools to discover the sites that link to your site. Also use the same tools to discover where your competitors get all of their links from.

However, none of these tools will help you discover all of the backlinks pointing to a specific website. You may need to use two or more of such tools to get a clear idea of all of the backlinks pointing to your website and your competitors sites.

Analytics Tools

Knowing your visitors is very important. Identifying traffic behaviour will provide you with a detailed insight into where your visitors come from, what they are searching for, how they interact with your site, the pages they visit, the links they click on, the pages where they spend the most time, etc. This important information will help you to develop a successful website that meets the needs of your customers.

Some of the Analytics tools available are Google Analytics, AWStats, Webalizer, Crazy Egg and many more.

XML Sitemap Generator

An XML sitemap helps search engine spiders crawl every page of your website and index them all. If you use WordPress to build your website, you have an xml sitemap by default. If your site doesn’t have an xml sitemap by default, there are several tools that will do the job for free, such as XML-Sitemaps, FreeSitemapGenerator, XMLSitemapGenerator and many more. Create an xml sitemap for your website and the search engines will have little trouble crawling and indexing every page of your site. The more pages you have indexed, the bigger your chances of getting listed in the top positions.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is still one of the best money making online website promotion tools available. Reach out to your existing and potential new customers with the hottest offers and latest products or services. If you have a large list of email addresses to which you can send emails at will, you can send profit making marketing messages any time you choose.

Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing tools that will enable you to build, manage and profit from your email marketing lists. There are several others like Mail Chimp, Get Response, iContact and others. If you use such services, you will never have to worry about violating any privacy rules related to email marketing. With the two step opt-in and verification process, you can make sure that you are always on the right side of the law.

Send daily, weekly or bi-weekly emails to people who have signed up for your email newsletter. This way, you can reach your potential customers any number of times you want – as long as they don’t opt out.

By using these online website promotion tools to your advantage you will be able to develop a successful and profitable online business.

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