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Sometimes it is necessary to delete a page from your website either permanently of temporarily. When this happens it is important that you provide specific instructions to the search engines, in order to protect your Page Rank and back link profile. If you do not follow the correct procedure for this, then you will lose all of the ranking collateral and link popularity for the deleted page.

You can protect the Page Rank and Link Popularity of a specific web page by implementing a Meta Redirect. However, it is important to ensure that you set up the correct type of redirect to ensure that this does not have a negative impact on your rankings and prevent out of date web pages from passing on their full ranking and link popularity value.

There are three primary types of redirect:

301 Redirect

This type of redirect informs the search engines that your web page has been permanently redirected to a new URL. This is commonly used when redesigning websites and when web pages have been permanently deleted. The key benefit for this type of redirect is that it transfers all of the historical ranking authority including Page Rank and back links to your new URL. 301 redirects are considered to be the most SEO friendly.

302 Redirect

This type of redirect informs the search engines that your web page has been temporarily suspended. It is commonly used when it is necessary to make major changes that requires a web page to be suspended for a period of time. 302 redirects do not transfer Page Rank, link popularity, or any other SEO value to alternative URL’s.

Meta Refresh Javascript Redirect

A Javascript redirect involves placing a snippet of Javascript code in the header of your website which redirects users to a new page after a specified number of seconds. Search engines do not like this form of redirect as it can be subject to abuse.

The actual code that is used to create these redirects will depend on your website/server configuration. It is therefore recommended that you seek further advice from your web designer on how to do this.

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