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Increase the number of targeted visitors to your website with a Google Adwords advertising campaign.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Service

Our highly effective, Google Adwords management service, can increase the number of targeted visitors to your site IMMEDIATELY, with a Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

Depending on the total number of web pages your site contains, it is highly likely that you will have the potential to target far more keywords than the size of your website permits.

Google Adwords offers the ideal solution to promote a wider range of keywords.

Also, if you have a brand new website, it will take time to establish your organic search engine listings, during which time you will receive very few visitors to your site.

As an experienced website advertising agency, PPC advertising solution is designed to produce highly targeted visitors to your website immediately. The total number of visitors received is controlled by the amount of money you are prepared to invest in this type of online advertising.

Pay Per Click Advertising is based on a bidding process. Essentially, the more money you are prepared to bid, for a particular keyword, the higher up the sponsored listings you will appear.

However it is important that you choose the right keywords for your campaign. The quality and structure of the simple text based advertisements will also have an impact on your position in the rankings.

Both Google and Bing offer PPC advertising programmes. Social media websites such as Facebook also offer a similar website advertising package. By utilising the extensive experience of our pay per click advertising agency team, we are able to recommend the best option for you.

Pay Per Click Advertising Agency

Highly affordable Google Adwords management service and proven pay per click advertising solutions

Setting up a PPC advertising campaign can be a daunting task and will require regular ongoing monitoring and management, in order to maximise the results. Without the right knowledge and the experience of a professional Adwords management service, this can be a time consuming and expensive exercise.

We offer an affordable Adwords management service that will get you up and running quickly. Saving you time and money in trying to identify the best performing keywords for your campaign and the creation of the various advertisements. If you already have an existing website advertising campaign set up, but are struggling to achieve cost effective results, then our Adwords management team can help you.

PPC advertising can be a cost effective form of online advertising if managed effectively. The primary aim of our professional Google Adwords management service is to improve the level of targeted traffic to your website, improve conversion rates and ensure that our clients achieve the maximum return on their investment.

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As a professional Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, our service includes the following:

As a professional Pay Per Click Advertising Agency we charge an initial set up fee of £225 for our Google Adwords management service. This is to cover the cost of creating a new website advertising campaign or reviewing and optimising an existing campaign.

Thereafter we charge a monthly fee, based on 10% of your campaign budget, with a minimum monthly charge of £95.

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