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best-brand-building-content-curation-examples-02_zps4bf410c3-300x225The overwhelming amount of information we have to deal with nowadays gave birth to a great concept: Content creation. The open nature of the web and how we communicate with this content is a unique force that has never been seen throughout history. But once the content has been created, what do you do with it? More importantly, how do we filter out the useless or irrelevant content while keeping the best?
This brings us to content curation, the next step in the evolution of information on the web…

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Sometimes the captain can’t afford to go down with the ship, no matter the temptation or emotional investment. Every few weeks, I receive another hopeless phone call from another desperate webmaster. Since Penguin, I’ve seen more ships go down than I care to count. Websites that have delved…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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extrenal-internal-link-reportToday’s featured tool is quick and easy but it’s also so valuable:
Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool
The tool will crawl any web page and create a clear list of all external and internal links plus the anchor text for each link.Create a quick on-page link report!
Quickly see which links are nofollow
See links that have no anchor text (those might be hidden or overlooked)
See total number of internal versus external links on the page
Identify badly optimized or over-optimized (as much as I hate that word) links
Quickly go to any link
Hover over any link to see the full pathCheck out the previously reviewed tool: Compare on-Page SEO of Two or More Pages (Featured SEO Tool)…

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Adwords Management ServiceGoogle’s new report can help advertisers see their search footprint and determine if there are keywords that can be supplemented with paid advertising. This is part of their campaign to connect data between AdWords, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools.

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your-blog-or-mineBuzzFeed’s president says company blogs are so yesterday. If BuzzFeed is the future of content marketing, is owned media the past? No! Cancel those funeral plans. Content marketers have plenty of reasons why company-owned blogs really are that great.

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Unnatural Links to site – impacts links

Matt Cutts explains what it means if your site has a manual action labeled as “Unnatural links to your site—impacts links” and what you can do to fix it.


Late summer is the ideal time to tighten SEO strategy and put in motion steps for the fall and winter. Here are five recommendations to help B2B SEO professionals get through the dog days of summer and into position to end the year on a high note.

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Come and get it: We just launched the new Mashable app for Android into full public release. If you have an Android phone, head over to Google Play and download it today.
What’s New
In the last week, we’ve added native Android sharing so you can share content from the Mashable app to any other app you’ve registered for sharing on your Android phone, like Facebook or Twitter, or via email or instant messaging…

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