Why Do You Need A Mobile Optimised Website?


Does your website display correctly on a mobile device?

The majority of companies today are dependent, to some extent, on attracting business via the internet. As the majority of companies have concentrated on designing a traditional website, intended to be viewed via a large desk top monitor, many companies have not considered optimising their websites for the much smaller screens used on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

Have you ever visited a website utilising your smart phone, only to find that the site loading time seemed to take ages? In that case, you are already aware how frustrating this can be. This is exactly what your customers and prospects experience with your site, if you have not implemented a specific mobile website design strategy for your business.

Potential clients who actually encounter your slow loading website are a lot more likely to move on to one of your competitors sites, that provides a more user friendly, mobile optimised website viewing experience.

Due to the way that smart phones and tablets display web pages, a website that appears perfect on a desktop computer screen may be hard to navigate and difficult to read on a mobile device.

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There are a number of simple factors why a traditional website is not going to display correctly on a mobile device. The most obvious one is the size of the screen.

The small screen will make viewing a typical website very difficult. In fact, navigating a regular webpage is usually a serious challenge, given that mobile devices do not possess PC mouse type pointers, making it hard to click on tabs and links.

Unfortunately, many website owners fail to identify the impact this may have on their potential online sales and overlook the necessity to create a mobile optimised website for their business

Ignoring the need to develop a Mobile Website Design Strategy is a massive mistake!

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The benefits of a mobile optimised website

We live in a modern world where mobile phone devices have grown to be much more of a necessity, than a luxury. The overall volume of global mobile phone users is around 6 billion and counting.

The bottom line is, just about everyone on the planet has got a mobile phone or has access to one. This basically means that your online marketing strategy should include the provision to create a mobile website, in order to provide an effective method for customers to connect with your business, via their mobile devices.

As the 4G network continues to improve throughout the world, mobile internet usage is predicted to flourish right along with it.

For this reason, internet access via mobile devices is expected to exceed desktop access in the near future.

Protecting against the loss of customers and prospects, due to the lack of a mobile friendly website is an easy matter to accomplish, as it is a relatively simple process to create a mobile optimised website for your business.

Double your traffic potential with a mobile optimised website

Developing a mobile optimised website in conjunction with your established traditional website, fundamentally doubles your web presence!

Our mobile web design solution will ensure that it is easy and fast to download your content, ensuring that your mobile customers are able to find the relevant information they require, without all of the hassle.

Basically, by not offering a mobile optimised website solution to your visitors, you are essentially locking them out of your business!

In the foreseeable future just about everyone will be using an internet enabled smart phone. When this occurs, you will end up on the winning side, providing you have already taken action and developed a mobile optimised website for your online business.

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