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More than 60% of the websites I review contain poorly written Title Tags. Many simply contain the company name or trading name of the website.

From a search engine perspective, your Title Tag is the most important Meta Tag and should contain the top two or three keyword phrases that you are targeting. Title Tags such as “Welcome to PetsRUs” or “The Acme Insurance Website” will not help your search engine rankings and will not produce high volumes of traffic to your site.

It is easy to achieve a high ranking for your trading name.

In most cases, search engines will list your website within the first few pages, when searched by your company name, especially if your domain name matches your trading name. That’s the easy bit. The more difficult challenge is to be found by users who are searching for the products or services you provide, using a more generic keyword search term, relevant to your business.

Including your company name within your Title Tag is a wasted opportunity.

Think about it, if a customer knows your company or brand name it is relatively easy for them to find you, not just via the internet but by more traditional methods such as Yellow Pages, offline advertising or even Directory Enquiries! So why waste valuable space promoting your company name within your Meta Tag?

As a guidline, your Title Tag should contain a maximum of ten individual words. Therefore do not waste this space, choose your keywords carefully and make sure that they are relevant to the page content.

Make sure your Title Tag includes your targeted keywords.

I recommend that you review all of your Title Tags and if necessary change them to include at least a couple of the top keywords you are targeting. You also need to ensure that each page of your website contains a unique Title Tag. Although simply creating a well written, search engine friendly Meta Tag is not sufficient to propel you to the first page of Google, it will make a difference and you should see some improvement in your search engine rankings over time.

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  1. Gerald Ackard

    Being in forex for 22 years now, its great to know that I can still learn new things from content like this. Thanks for your thoughts, I’ll be back soon for more!


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