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Developing a successful SEO link building programme should be a major part of your search engine optimisation strategy.

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Your websites link popularity is one of the most important ranking factors used by Google and other search engines to determine the quality of your website and your ranking positions, for your targeted keywords.

Your websites link popularity is essentially a method used by the search engines to measure the overall popularity of your site, based on the quality and total number of one way links, pointing to your website.

The search engines interpret these back links as positive “votes of confidence” for your website and it is ultimately this link popularity that plays a major role in deciding your position in the search engine ranking results.

It is important to carry out link research, in order to understand the link building results achieved by your competitors, for the same keywords that you may wish to target.

For example, if the top ten sites on the first page of Google, for the keyword “blue widgets” have an average of 500 links each, then it is unlikely that your site will stand much chance of appearing on the first page, without acquiring a similar number of back links.

This is a very simplistic explanation, as in reality various other important factors will contribute to a successful SEO Link Building campaign, such as the quality of the websites linking to you and the specific link text used on the external sites.

The overall quality of your own website and the level of search engine optimisation is also a major ranking factor.

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As a link building services specialist we are able to secure highly effective back links, to help improve your search engine ranking results.

It is important to adopt the correct Backlink building strategy and aim to grow the number of one way links to your site slowly and continue to do this on a regular basis, in order to establish a robust link popularity profile.

If you are seen by Google to have obtained a lot of back links very quickly and then you stop developing your sites link popularity, Google will initially rank your site highly for your targeted keywords. However, once Google realises that your one way links have stopped growing, they assume that your website’s popularity has taken a dip and they will then drop you down the rankings accordingly.

There are many different methods of building quality one way links to your website and it is best to acquire a broad mix of back links, using as many different sources as possible.

As a professional link popularity specialist, we provide a wide range of link building services that are designed to improve the popularity of your website.

Search engines value contextual back links very highly. These are links that are placed within the actual text on a web page rather than being separate from the main text.

These types of one way links are a lot more difficult to acquire, but are very effective at improving the link popularity of your website.

We have developed a specialist SEO link building solution that enables us to secure high quality, contextual back links and we can design a programme to meet your specific budget. You should also consider developing links from your social media profiles as part of a Social Media Marketing campaign.