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Once a potential customer has found your website it is important that they are encouraged to stay on your site for as long as possible. It can sometimes be a challenge to persuade your visitors to take a second or third click, in order to explore your website further.

The most important factors that will encourage your visitors to stay longer on your site are as follows:

Make sure the keywords you are targeting match the actual content of each web page?

There is nothing worse than clicking on a website, only to find that the Keywords and Description displayed in the search engine results, do not match the web page content and the website has nothing to do with what you are looking for. If you do not ensure that your web page content is relevant to what your searchers are looking for, they will leave your site very quickly. Therefore your Title, Description and Keywords Meta Tags should be updated accordingly, to ensure that your search engine listings reflect an accurate description of your web site.

Do your web pages load fast enough?

The speed of which your web pages load is one of the ranking factors Google takes into consideration, when deciding your position in their search results. If your web pages take longer than 10 seconds to load, then it’s highly likely your visitors will become impatient and leave your site. Your visitors have a massive choice of thousands of sites that they could visit, if your site is slow to load they will not wait and will simply move on to the next site in the search engine results.

Position your most popular links and call to action buttons at the top of each web page.

It can be very frustrating for your visitors if they are unable to locate the information they are searching for very quickly. Therefore, it is important that your most popular links and call to action buttons are located towards the top of each web page and preferably towards the left of the screen. This will ensure that your most important information is displayed on most monitors, without the need for your visitors to scroll down the page.

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