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In addition to the keyword bid price, Google Adwords uses a quality score to determine the overall position of your ads in the search engine results.

Generally, a high quality score will reduce your cost per click rate and improve the position of your ads in the ranking results. Therefore it is important to understand how the Google Adwords quality score works and how you can improve it.

Google Adwords quality score

The formula behind Google’s quality score contains a number of key components which are used to determine your ranking, as follows:

  • The historical click through rate of your keyword and ad combination
  • The historical click through rate of your display URL
  • The historical click through rate of all keywords and ads in your account
  • The quality and relevance of your ad content
  • The quality of your landing page, which must contain original content that is easy to navigate
  • The loading time of your landing page
  • The relevance of your keyword and ad to the search query

The click through rate of your ad and keyword combination together with the quality of your landing page are believed to be the most important factors, which determine your quality score.

How to improve your Google Adwords quality score

A good way to improve your quality score is to create multiple ads using different titles and calls to action. You can then test these ads to determine which one works best from both a quality score and conversion perspective.

As mentioned above, landing page load times is one of the quality score factors. It is therefore very important to ensure that your landing page will load as fast as possible as Google will give preference to ads which have faster landing pages.

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