All of the major search engines use a wide range of highly developed algorithms to check the integrity of your website. Attempting to manipulate the search engine results, by using dubious techniques on your web pages, will almost certainly result in your site being banned!

The top 7 techniques to avoid at all costs are as follows:

  • Do not purchase links from paid for link sites or link farms.
  • Do not place hidden links are your website.
  • Do not set up links from known spam sites.
  • Do not stuff your meta tags or web page content with massive amounts of misleading or irrelevant keywords.
  • Do not attempt to place hidden keywords within your web page content, for example white text on a white background.
  • Do not copy content from another website or plagiarise existing content and claim as your own.
  • Do not create one set of web page content for your visitors and a separate set of content dedicated solely to search engines (Cloaking)

If you try and use any of these methods, you may experience improved search engine rankings in the short term. However you will eventually get found out and your site will suddenly disappear from the search engine results, without any warning.

In the long term it is far more sensible to compete on a level playing field and only use Professional SEO Techniques that are within the published editorial guidelines.

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