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According to various recent reports, WordPress websites have been targeted by a major hacker attack.

The WordPress sites have been attacked by a botnet consisting of thousands of individual computers since last week.

Unfortunately, many WordPress users fail to change this default username setting, making them ideal targets and extremely vulnerable to this type of brute force hacking attack.

If your WordPress Blog or website has been hacked recently or you wish to learn more about how you can prevent your site from being hacked in the future, read the following helpful advice and learn effective WordPress hacking tips from various internet specialists:

There has been a recent wave of brute force attacks (hacking technique) on WordPress sites over the weekend (although this happens every day all over the world). WordPress sites in particular have been targeted in a recent string of intrusion attempts. There are some simple ways to make sure you are not the next victim.

If a site asks you to login, then someone will try to hack it. WordPress is no exception. The good news is it’s really simple to make your site even more secure.

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WordPress, the foremost site which serves as the centre of the blogging world, and is home to more than 64 million blogs has been attacked in a widespread attack by cyber miscreants. The cyber criminals have used brute force attacks to target the blogging site by constructing a ten thousand computers strong botnet, which has got many people worried. The attacks have been going on since the last week when WordPress decided to up the level of security measures on their site.attack by cyber miscreants. The cyber criminals have used brute force attacks to target the blogging site by constructing a ten thousand computers strong botnet, which has got many people worried. The attacks have been going on since the last week when WordPress decided to up the level of security measures on their site.

WordPress site attacked by cybercriminals

The attacks were spotted by CloudFlare and Hostgator, two web optimization firms who also specialize in cyber security and they concluded that the attacks had been on for some time now and that a massive botnet was being used to perpetrate the attacks. Moreover, the culprits are also attacking other similar sites such as Joomla.

The attackers are using the conventional brute force, just on a bigger scale this time. They are trying to target usernames such as ‘admin’ while using thousands of various passwords to gain access to user accounts. CloudFare said in its blog that, “The attacker is brute-force attacking the WordPress administrative portals, using the username ‘admin’ and trying thousands of passwords,” and that “It appears a botnet is being used to launch the attack and more than tens of thousands of unique IP addresses have been recorded attempting to hack WordPress installs.”

This means that the millions of users are at risk of having their accounts hacked and accessed.  About this development, the founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg said that “Here’s what I would recommend:

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If you’re running a WordPress site, now would be a good time to ensure you are using very strong passwords and to make sure your username is not “admin.” According to reports from HostGator and CloudFlare, there is currently a significant attack being launched at WordPress blogs across the Internet. For the most part, this is a brute-force dictionary-based attack that aim to find the password for the ‘admin’ account that every WordPress site sets up by default.

HostGator’s analysis found that this is a well-organized and very distributed attack. The company believes that about 90,000 IP addresses are currently involved. CloudFlare, its founder and CEO Matthew Prince told me earlier today, thinks the hackers control about 100,000 bots. As for the scope of the attack, Prince says that CloudFlare saw attacks on virtually every WordPress site on its network

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WordPress Brute Force Attacks And Plugin Protection

A Botnet typically consists of a network of hijacked home computers, usually controlled by a criminal gang. Due to the complexity of the Botnet structure, it is extremely difficult to track the origins of the attack back to a specific source.

Around 17% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, which makes this web design platform an ideal target for hackers using this type of Botnet structure to achieve major impact and reek havoc on a massive global scale.

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Unlike traditional html websites, WordPress blogs include a range of unique features and functionality. These include the ability to automatically notify Google and other search engines, each time a new blog post is published, as well as providing the option for your customers to add comments to your blog posts. You can also develop a database of regular readers and visitors to your blog, via RSS feeds and email.

There are a number of different blogging platforms available to create a blog and WordPress is one of the most popular. As professional website and blog designers, we have chosen this platform for our custom WordPress Blog Design Services, as we believe that it offers the most flexible and robust platform available.

Affordable WordPress blog design services

“There are actually endless elements that contribute to a blogs success. In this article, you will find out about the most important ones.

Header: Header will tell your visitors about where they are. It typically comprises of a logo, the name of your website or organization and designs to go with the text. Needless to say, it is intended to capture the attention of your visitors and you need to make it in such a way that it stands out.

Navigation: Navigation is a very important, if not the most important aspect in blog design. There should be intuitive navigation. Let your visitors see the other pages that you have. Below the footer, place a secondary text-based element for navigation.

Title of Your Posts: This is very powerful attention-grabber. Use fonts that are large in size and see to it that they always appear in bold. There should be enough materials for visitors to find out and read about. Present the headlines in such a way that users do not have to struggle to find out something interesting. But make sure there is no clutter. Otherwise users will be turned off and refrain from proceeding any further in your blog. The way the titles show up should complement the overall design of your site.

Archived Posts: Provide archived posts to keep your readers hooked on. Time will pass and you will add new content. But for the readers, offer something from your old stock so that apart from your new posts, your old posts also get some readership.”

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Fully customised WordPress blog design services

According to Chadrack Irobogo, Chief Content Officer of EagleVision Global Media, as much as you can hire content writers and career bloggers to keep your business alive, it’s noteworthy that the success of the blog cannot be driven on these external forces. You must take responsibility to ensure your business blog succeed.

“The following tips will help you stay in control and steer your blog to success.

1.Decide on the Business Objectives Your Blog Fulfill

What are your business objectives? How will a blog help you achieve these objectives?

Getting this right from the on-set is important. Blogging is such an adventure that demands you being focused else you could easily be sidetracked along the way. This is imperative if you are just learning about the exciting possibilities of blogging technology.

So once, you are convinced that adding a blog to your business site is the right thing to do; your next move should be to align the blog with your business objectives. Ensure that the blog do not become burden but a supplement to your other business activities helping to achieve your business objectives.

This will help you stay focused and keep you from falling into the trap of neglecting other important aspects of your business. it’s also necessary to point out here that laying out a plan for how often you will update the blog, how you will promote it to attract new readers and also to and retain repeat readers, is also very important.

2.Look Before You Leap!

If this is your first time getting involved with blogging then setting up test blogs is a wise thing to do. You may decide to use a free blogging platform like Of course, there are many other free blogging platforms out there but using is advisable since the experience gained will be useful once you are ready to switch to your own self-hosted blog. Please note that the self-hosted wordpress blog ( is the most easy to integrate into your business blog.

Using a free blogging platform, if considered, should be for experimental purposes only. This is because using a free service takes the control of your blog from you as the hosting service can pull it down at the slightest reason! Since you already have a domain name and a webhost (at least you already have a business site), adding a blog will not put any extra cost on you except for consulting fees and maybe a premium theme, if you desire such.  But the fact is these are negligible.

So, instead of wasting the time with free blogging platforms, get an experienced hand to set up a wordpress blog on your business site right away and then commit to learning the ropes as you go along.

3. Get a Professional Design for Your Blog

You will soon discover that your blog is the entry point of visitors to your business website. With this in mind it is advisable to make the best impression with that first contact. You can do this with your blogs design.

This is another plus for wordpress blogs. is an open source CMS platform giving a large army of professional programmers and script writers, the world over, the opportunity to create a plethora of wordpress themes that are available both as free downloads or as paid premium themes.

Using a free theme and customizing it a little may just serve your purpose, but going for a premium theme will give you more customization options and truly set your blog apart from the many others in cyberspace.  Your aim here is to simply make the right impression with your blog. Like we have said earlier it is important that you take your business objectives into consideration. So getting a design that matches your company’s identity and objectives will do wonders”….More at How To Use Business Blogging To Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s Success! – iMedia Connection (blog)

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In order to be successful with your New Business Blog it is important to produce regular, high quality content that can also be promoted across other social media channels, such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. When your blog posts are syndicated across your social media profiles, you will experience increased targeted visitors to your website, increased sales opportunities and lifelong customers.

You may also find the following video explaining how to install new WordPress blog themes and plugins helpful.


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