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Finally Facebook have announced that they will start to allow their members to use clickable Twitter style hashtags in their posts. This will enable users to quickly identify hot and trending topics currently being discussed across this social platform.

Clicking on a hashtagged keyword will activate a pop up box that will display other posts using the same keyword.

Facebook follows Twitter by adding clickable hashtags

“Facebook is adding support for hashtags to help its members keep track of popular topics being discussed on the social network,

Adding the “#” sign to a word will turn it into a clickable link which brings up a feed of what other people are saying about the same topic.

Using hashtags to identify a theme was popularised on the internet by Twitter.

Facebook said it offers a “larger view of what’s happening”. Experts said it might also aid ad sales.

Other services that support hashtags include Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, Sina Weibo, LinkedIn and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

Real-time marketing

The news was announced on the California-based firm’s News Page.

It said clicking a hashtag would bring up a chronologically ordered list of comments using the same term, including posts from people and pages they were not friends with and had not liked.”

Read more about the Facebook Hashtags Announcement at BBC NEWS

This will be a useful enhancement to the Facebook user experience and is likely to prove extremely popular given that users already have a good understanding about the benefits of using hashtags in their posts, as pioneered by Twitter.

For a totally different perspective on the benefits of using Facebook hashtags, check out the following Facebbok Adding #Hashtags?! video:

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Facebook is now recognised as an established marketing channel for promoting your online business. With well over 800 million active users, this number is increasing by thousands every day. Due to the vast number of account holders using Facebook every day, there is no doubt that this social media network has the ability to increase your brand awareness and strongly influence how your business is perceived in the online market place.

However, whilst many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and created a Facebook Business Page, very few have been successful in learning how to “stand out from the crowd” and harness the power of Facebook to drive significant volumes of traffic and potential new customers to their websites.

If you are struggling to crack the Facebook secret code that will result in thousands of eager new customers flocking to your website, keen to part with their hard earned cash, then this article is for you!

We have researched a wide range of Facebook tips and tricks, sourced from various social media experts that should help you to understand how you can improve your Facebook traffic and develop a successful social media marketing strategy.

Our Top Facebook Tips For Business are as follows:

Create a Facebook Business Page – 20 Tips That Guarantee Success

Creating a Facebook page is not enough. You have to optimize it to make it attractive for your customers and fans. You have a wide range of tools for you to customize Facebook business page. It is imperative that you make use of them so that your page stands out in the crowd. After all, if your Facebook page does not give you an edge over your competitors, what is the use of having one? There are many ways to make your page fan-friendly. The best Facebook business page design is one that attracts more and more fans. If the customers are interested in your page, they are likely to buy your products. Here are some of the best Facebook business page tips you can follow.

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Tips to running your Facebook business page – Facebook for Business

Post on a Daily Basis Keep your Facebook page active. This means that you should publish fresh content every day, in order to keep your fans interested and to get new ones. There are many debates going around on how often a business should post on their Facebook page. Though there is no definite answer, keep in mind that your fans have a lot of friends and other pages they like. They might feel suffocated by too many posts from the same company appearing on their news feed. Posting once or twice a day, at a few hours’ distance, seems like the perfect balance. You keep them coming back to your page, but you don’t drive them away by being too pushy.

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Why “Buying Fans” & “Liker Ladders” Could Damage Your …

There are two activities raging through Facebook at the moment which I would like to draw your attention to, if you are not aware of them already. The first is “Liker Ladders”. And the second is “Buying Facebook Fans”. Both are as soul-less and futile as the other. I will explain why both are not going to help build your brand on Facebook, and how both can be potentially detrimental to your brand, in a cataclysmic way.

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Top 15 Benefits of Using Facebook For Business

Still don’t believe Facebook can help you build your business or that you don’t have TIME for it? Perhaps these 15 benefits of Facebook will help sway you!

Benefit 1: BRANDING: Facebook is great for creating your brand and instilling it into people’s ideas about you. Creating a brand allows you to be more recognisable in the heavily occupied business world so it is important to be able to stand out.


Of course  it is possible to pay for traffic on Facebook by using their online advertising platform. If the idea of running a facebook advertising campaign is of interest to you then we recommend viewing the following video:

How to set up Facebook Advertising for your business

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Using Facebook for Business. In the last 10 years, there’s no denying that social media has taken off and arguably even taken over the Internet. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media networks, generating an average of 3.2 billion likes and comments from users each and every day. Taking Word-Of-Mouth Marketing to a To get you started, here are our top tips for optimising your business page on Facebook. 1. Less is more. All too many times

We hope that you have found our Top Facebook Tips For Business a helpful resource and that you have at least found some golden nuggets of information that will help you to promote your business via Facebook more successfully.

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https://www.facebook.com/getonfast.online.marketingAlmost any type of business can benefit from developing their social media profile.

Monitoring how businesses engage with social media is now also part of Google’s ranking algorithm and increasing your level of social media activity will help to improve your ranking results. Social media marketing can also help improve your online reputation, develop your trust and integrity and become more accessible to your customers.

Facebook is the most widely used social media website and currently has over 845 million active users, of which 57% are female and 43% male. More than 425 million users access their Facebook accounts via a mobile device. With over 50% using their Facebook account every day, this represents an extremely valuable platform for companies to develop a business presence to promote their brand.

Whilst creating a new Facebook Business page is a relatively simple process, promoting your page and developing regular visitor traffic can be a challenge, especially if you are using Facebook for the first time.

Below are my top 5 Facebook Business Page tips that will help you to promote a greater awareness of your business page and increase the number of visitors.

Facebook Business Page Tips:

1. Utilise existing relationships
Contact all of your customers, suppliers, family and friends and invite them to “Like” your new Facebook Business page.

2. Add a Facebook link to your website
Add a prominent link to your Facebook page from your website and ensure that the link is visible on every page.

3. Include a Facebook link in all of your email communications
Including a Facebook link in all of your general, day to day emails and any monthly newsletters will also help to promote your Facebook page.

4. Design a bespoke Facebook Business page
Make sure you brand your Facebook Business page with your company logo and utilise the various apps available to link to your blog and other social media profiles. Make sure that you post on a regular basis

5. Offer exclusive Facebook promotions
You may wish to consider offering exclusive Facebook promotions. This is a very effective method of social media marketing that will encourage visitors to Like your page and will help to increase your fan base.

Applying the above recommendations will enable your Facebook page to become a successful part of your overall Social Media Marketing strategy.

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Hitwise UK recently published a new report which confirms the benefit of creating and developing a Facebook business page to improve online awareness of your product or service and your brand.

According to the Hitwise Report, each new Facebook fan is worth an additional 20 visits to your website, over the course of a year!

The UK based study analysed data for the top 100 online retailers within the Hitwise shopping and classified section and compared this data with the total number of fans each brand had on their Facebook business page. The end result was that each Facebook fan created an extra 20 website visits.

The study also analysed the likelihood of customers searching for a specific brand after visiting the companies Facebook business page. The study established that Topshop outperformed their competitors, with over 50% of their customers more likely to search for the Topshop brand after a visit to Facebook, compared with traditional search results via the major search engines.

Other major UK retailers also experienced similar results. The Index column in the chart below details the likelihood of searching for a particular brand after visiting the companies Facebook business page.

This data is excellent news for website owners, as it helps to place a value on the effort required to market and maintain a Facebook business page.

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In addition to the two major Pay Per Click Advertising platforms, Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook should also be considered as an alternative source of advertising.

Facebook advertising offers a number of different options for potential advertisers. Ads can be purchased on either a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) basis and advertisers are able to set a maximum daily budget limit for each campaign.

Include images with your Facebook ads

An ad on Facebook can have an Ad Title up to a maximum of 25 characters, An Ad Description up to a maximum of 135 characters and you can also upload an image, to be displayed in your ad.

Facebook will automatically calculate a recommended CPC or CPM bid price, based upon an analysis of current winning bids. Your Facebook advertising campaign can be set up to be displayed to a specific audience, based upon their profile information and your target demographic requirements.

Advertise to over 500 million potential customers

It should be noted that the visitor intention of the average Facebook user is totally different from search engine users and therefore, the results of your Facebook advertising campaign will be totally different from the results achieved from traditional search engine advertising campaigns. However, since Facebook has an extremely large user base, in excess of 500 million potential customers, running a Facebook advertising campaign can serve as an effective medium to increase your online brand visibility and sales.

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