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Attempting to improve the conversion rate of an ecommerce website should be high on the list of priorities for any webmaster. Focusing on optimising your product pages, in order to achieve a higher conversion rate, is a worthwile investment of your time, and can help to improve both sales volume and profitability.

Google recently published a range of worthwhile tips on how to improve the product page conversion rates, for ecommerce websites. The top 10 most useful tips from this report are as follows:

Product Descriptions

  • Sell the benefits of your products, not their features. Your customers are only interested in purchasing the benefits of your products, not their features. Therefore explain to your customers that the fridge freezer they are considering buying is energy efficient and the low running costs will save them money, rather than highlighting the extra deep shelves and a built in wine rack.
  • Try and create original sales copy instead of using the standard product description provided by the manufacturer. This is a great way to set you apart from your competitors.

Product Images

  • It is essential to use professional, high quality, product images.
  • Use a minimum of 3 to 4 images for each product. This will enable your customers to view each product from different angles.
  • Adding the functionality for visitors to zoom in and get a closer look at the product is a useful feature that helps to improve the overall online shopping experience, especially if this feature is not available on your competitors websites.

Delivery and Stock

  • Include up to date and accurate stock levels, prominently displayed on each product page. Your customers will have more confidfence in purchasing from you if they know that the product is in stock.
  • Your customers want to know how quickly they will receive their orders and the delivery cost. Provide this information on every product page, if possible.
  • Run free delivery promotions. This offers a great way to boost conversions during slow sale periods.

Other Important Elements

  • Product reviews will help to improve conversions, but make sure to only use legitimate reviews.
  • Make sure that your product pages display a concise and clear call to action such as an “add to shopping cart” button.

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