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Internet Banner Advertising and Search Engine Advertising  are very different online marketing models.

Search engine advertising (commonly referred to as Pay Per Click Advertising) offers a very basic form of presentation, in as much as the content of your advertisement is restricted to text only and a limit is placed on the maximum number of characters that can be used per line. The maximum number of lines are also restricted.

Search Engine Advertising has limited text available to promote your product.

Google for example will only allow 3 lines of text plus your URL. The first line is reserved for the title of your advertisement and is restricted to a maximum of 25 characters. This is followed by two lines of description, each restricted to a maximum of 35 characters per line. Obviously this limits the amount of information you can use to promote your product and you will need to consider the content of your advertisement very carefully.

This type of text based advertisement will only allow you to promote a small number of product benefits and offers only limited value, in terms of promoting and increasing the brand awareness of your product or service.

If the criteria for measuring the success of your advertising campaign includes both brand awareness and sales achieved, then web banner advertising offers a more flexible solution.

Internet Banner Advertising allows media rich display advertisements.

Internet Banner Advertising Campaigns will enable you to use media rich, banner display advertisements. Web banner advertising design can include your logo, your corporate colours, flash animation or even video. Internet banner advertising campaigns allow you to promote your brand image in a similar way to offline advertising, except that the creative content can be more dynamic and interesting.

Obviously you will need to factor in the creative costs of producing your web banner which will be significantly more than the cost of creating a simple text based advertisement. However, in my opinion, the brand building benefits of running a media rich, web banner advertising campaign, far outweigh the cost of production.

Web Banner Advertising campaigns can include a wide range of different banner shapes and sizes.

Most internet banner advertising networks will accept a wide range of different sizes and shapes of web banners and there are no restrictions on the amount of words/characters you can use in your message. The most common banner sizes used for internet banner advertising campaigns are as follows:

  • Banners (460 x 60 pixels)
  • Leaderboards (720 x 90 pixels)
  • Skyscrapers (120 x 600 pixels)
  • Rectangles (300 x 250 pixels)

Search engine advertising (PPC Advertising) has proven to be a very popular method of online advertising, as the advertiser only incurs a cost when a potential customer clicks on the advertisement and visits the advertisers website. What is not so well known is that internet banner advertising campaigns can be purchased on exactly the same basis. The average cost per click for web banner advertising compares very favourably to search engine advertising. Depending on your industry category you may find that internet banner advertising offers a considerably cheaper alternative.

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12 Responses to “Benefits of Internet Banner Advertising Vs Search Engine Advertising”

  1. jose creative designer

    Regardless, it is always good for getting an outsider’s perspective in web design. We are looking outward, from inside. Yet, our work has been intended for people who were from outside, but rarely have a time to “look in”. So being able to view how they see is worth our time. Too cool, I like them, thank you!

  2. Alphonse

    Everywhere in the web there are

    banner ads that are visually impressive screaming for people’s attention. They definitely play a great part in advertising. Good piece of work!!!

  3. Lyndon Kanehl

    I know a lot of people want to make money using banner advertising but they do not where to place there ads. There are many websites out there to place ads on but what places are the best to do it. I have seen people placing banner ads all over myspace and other social networks like ning. When people place banner ads they need to know what sites are relevant to there ads and which websites are producing the best traffic.

    • Robert Smith

      It is best to use one of the established banner advertising networks. An established network will be able to target the correct advertising channels based on your core user demographics. A properly targeted campaign will produce better results and ROI.

  4. Siemense

    Benefits of Internet Banner Advertising Vs Search Engine Advertising mentioned above are very correct and Web banner advertising design can include your logo, your corporate colours, flash animation or even video

  5. LukeBryant

    Banner advertising can be very effective.

    The main tip is to advertise on websites where your target audience is frequenting. There’s no point advertising on a generalized site even if they have huge traffic levels because your return on investment will be small. You would only do this if you were a large company and wanted a huge branding effect.

    Google does have a display ad campaign where you banner is automatically displayed on sites within their network. Automatic placement systems such as ad networks and search engines can’t offer the same targeting capabilities as human discretion.

    The trick is to advertise on niche sites. For example, if you’re advertising a hardware business, you could advertise on a gardening or d.y.i. blog.

    Here’s some banner advertising tips on how to go about your placement and what to look for.

    Also, internet marketing experts are now figuring out that banner advertising has more influential effect than just the click through. In addition to those who click on the ad, those who are exposed to the banner (but never clicked) are 65% more likely to visit the advertiser’s website, even if it’s a few days later. See this news article which has been republished from the Advertising Age:

    • Robert Smith

      Thanks for your comments Luke.

      I agree that you need to ensure that you target relevant websites when setting up a new web banner advertising campaign. We always make sure that our clients banners are only displayed on websites that match their target customer demographic profile.

  6. bee

    You state that ppc ads are text only but I’ve created picture dislay ads on google which can appear on content site matches.

    However, a year later, they have been served 0% so not very effective!

    Will take another look at banner advertising, thanks for mentioning it.

    • Robert Smith

      In my experience Google’s content network has never produced any worthwhile results. Good at generating additional traffic but low conversion. I always switch this option off with all my campaigns.

  7. Henrik Blunck - Denmark

    You are so very right. I wrote an e-book in Danish on the subject, and clearly there are advantages to banners – both from a marketing standpoiint, but also from the perspective of publishers. When you have a website you want to improve BOTH the appearance and the lucrativity of your site.

    Adsense ads at a couple of cent isn’t the greatest of ways to let visitors go when you could earn far MORE.

    Good article. 🙂


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