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One of the challenges of developing backlinks to your website is the time it takes for Google and the other search engines to index the page displaying your link.

Securing links on article directories and Web 2.0 properties are popular link building methods. However, although the home page of many of these sites may enjoy a high page rank score, the internal pages are likely to have a zero page rank rating.

When an article containing your links is published on one of these websites, a brand new page is created which then needs to be indexed by Google, in order for your link to be found. These types of websites will typically contain thousands of individual pages and your link will be buried deep within the site. The challenge therefore is how to encourage Google to find and index your new link page, as quickly as possible.

Build Links To Your Links

One solution, offered by a number of companies, is to automatically build links to your link pages in order to get them noticed by Google and indexed faster. Although the theory makes sense, I have been disappointed with the actual results produced by these Specialist Link Building Services. I first started using this type of software to boost my links over a year ago, using LinxBoss. After about 6 months I could see no evidence that this service had helped to get any of my backlinks indexed faster. Based on a recommendation I therefore switched to Backlink Booster.

Having used this service for over 6 months I was once again disappointed in the results and decided to invest some time in reviewing all of my links in order to quantify the number that had actually be indexed by Google.

The following figures are based on analysing a total of 200 links that were placed into the Backlink Booster system between January and May, this year. All of these backlinks were embedded into articles that were published on a range of Web 2.0 sites. At the time of submission, each article was subsequently checked that it had been published and verified, prior to being placed into the link building system.

Review Date: 23/07/2012

Therefore at the time of my review (23/07/12) the oldest links had remained in the system for a total of 7 months and the youngest links had been in the system for 2 months. During this period the software automatically built links to my article pages on a monthly basis. The software also provided reports detailing the number of links that had been built, although it is not possible to obtain any information on the actual URL’s containing the links.

Having analysed each of the 200 links, I was surprised to find that only 32 (16%) had actually been indexed by Google. This is a disappointing result and I wonder how many of these links would have been found and indexed naturally, without any help from Backlink Booster.

Given the claims made by Backlink Booster on their website, I would have expected the results to be much higher and certainly well over 50%. Clearly based on this result I do not believe that this service offers value for money. I can no longer justify their monthly fee and have now cancelled my membership.

I would be very interested to receive comments from users of Backlink Booster or any other similar service.

Have you had a similar experience or have you found that the service has worked for you?

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