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google-penguin-webspam-sheriffOther than cleaning up the quality of the Google index what else could the objective of the Penguin updates be? Much like the icebergs that so often surround penguins, Google’s Penguin updates have much, much more going on below the surface.

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Google will start offering Google Play music and movies to Google TV owners in the UK, Germany and France starting November 13, the company has announced.
Google previously announced the service will also be available in Canada and Australia on that date as well, but that hasn’t happened. Google has apologized for that announcement, adding it’s bringing Google Play to more countries “all the time…

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Getonfast Facebook Business PageSocial media juggernaut Facebook has begun to test an exciting new service that will allow local, small businesses to offer free Wi-Fi to followers after checking in with the social network.
During this test, Facebook will supply the wireless routers to be used for the endeavor, though the businesses themselves will provide the Internet access. When Facebook users check into a particular location on Facebook, they will get a redirect to Facebook’s main business page, allowing them to continue to browse the Internet for no additional charges…

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Getonfast SEO Packages
SEO Tips From Industry Experts: An Infographic And Ebook is a post by SEO expert iGoByDoc. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.
Recently, our friends at Hubspot reached out to me and asked if we would like to be a part of a new ebook they were putting together called SEO Tips From Industry Experts and of course I said absolutely, we would love to!
Our topic to cover was Mastering On-Page SEO and for this we had our VP of Client Services, Greg Shuey provide the content…

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Google-NewsIn a recently active Google Webmaster Help forum thread, Google’s Trends Analyst John Mueller warned webmasters that it will take more than a single tweak made to their website to have any positive impact on their Google ranking.
Google’s notoriously tough search engine algorithm forces users to keep finding different ways to optimize their websites in the hope of snagging that prized top ranking…

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Priceline is a public company that owns several other travel brands, including,,, and a few other travel sites. You can now add leading travel search engine to that list. Priceline announced that it was buying the travel site for $1.8…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Anyone who works in interactive advertising can testify to the tedium that often accompanies even the seemingly-simplest of campaign changes. That’s the problem Google is trying to address in its latest AdWords feature bulk editing. The feature is being rolled out in a few accounts…Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Search Engine Keywords

Investing time in researching the right keywords to use for your online business is an extremely important part of the search optimisation process. Choosing the correct, highly targeted search engine keywords, provides the potential to produce significant amounts of traffic to your website, whilst poorly chosen keyword phrases will leave your website with barely any visitors at all.

Many website owners believe that they should automatically know which are the best web keywords to choose for their business. But unless you have a very good understanding of the many different search terms your potential customers maybe using to find your business, you should seriously consider investing some time and effort in a keyword research project.

Spending time on keyword research is vital, in order to identify the most effective web keywords

Spending time on research will enable you to identify the top performing  Search Engine Keywords that your potential customers are using when they search for your products or services. Being able to establish the average monthly search volumes for all of the web keywords relevant to your business and how much competition there is for any given search term is crucial information that will help you to target the best keyword phrases for your business.

Only use search terms that are directly related to your business

The Google Keywords that your potential customers are likely to use when searching for your products or services may not necessarily be the ones you would think of, especially if your business is one that uses a lot of industry jargon. Do not be tempted to use web keywords that do not relate to your business, just to bring in traffic. This style of keyword marketing will always backfire, because the customer traffic that is generated is not interested in the products your are offering.

Conducting a keyword research project will also give you an idea of how much competition there is likely to be for any given keyword phrase. It is important to know how many other websites are targeting the same Google keywords and how many people are searching for them. The most effective web keywords are those that have high monthly search volumes, but the least amount of competition. Compare each keyword’s popularity against the amount of other websites already using it. You should always include the most popular ones but focus on the Google keywords that have less competition.

Using the correct Google keywords will increase traffic to your site

There are many tools available that will help you find the right search engine keywords for your business. Google offers a free research tool and there are many others that provide both free and paid versions. Simply search online for “Keyword Research Tools”.

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google logo

Image by velorowdy via Flickr

It has been quite a while since Google updated their Webmaster Guidelines and the recently announced update is long overdue, as the original guidelines did not accurately reflect Google’s current position on certain issues. Google have finally got to grips with this and have recently published updated guidelines and best practices for designing and marketing a successful website.

If you are not familiar with these guidelines then I would recommended that you read the complete, updated Webmaster Guidelines, as you will find it a useful resource of information.

The following is the official announcement from Google on the updated guidelines:

“Today we’re happy to announce an updated version of our Webmaster Quality Guidelines. Both our basic quality guidelines and many of our more specific articles like those on links schemes or hidden text) have been reorganized and expanded to provide you with more information about how to create quality websites for both users and Google.

The main message of our quality guidelines hasn’t changed: Focus on the user. However, we’ve added more guidance and examples of behavior that you should avoid in order to keep your site in good standing with Google’s search results”…

More at Google Webmaster Guidelines updated – Google Webmaster …

Important Google Webmaster Tools SEO Tips

According to Vanessa Fox at Search Engine Land, the main changes deal with updated  guidelines for rich snippets and link schemes, as follows:

If the rich snippets markup on a page is spammy, misleading, or otherwise abusive, our algorithms are much more likely to ignore the markup and render a text-only snippet. Keep in mind that, while rich snippets are generated algorithmically, we do reserve the right to take manual action (e.g., disable rich snippets for a specific site) in cases where we see actions that hurt the experience for our users.

Examples and details were added to several of the existing guidelines. For instance, the detail about link schemes had these examples added:

  • Text advertisements that pass PageRank
  • Links that are inserted into articles with little coherence, for example: most people sleep at night. you can buy cheap blankets at shops. a blanket keeps you warm at night. you can also buy a wholesale heater. It produces more warmth and you can just turn it off in summer when you are going on france vacation.
  • Low-quality directory or bookmark site links
  • Links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites, for example: Visitors to this page: 1,472 car insurance
  • Widely distributed links in the footers of various sites
  • Forum comments with optimized links in the post or signature, for example: Thanks, that’s great info! – Paul pauls pizza san diego pizza best pizza san diego have been updated, the spirit behind them hasn’t changed.

Write great content for your audiences and don’t try to manipulate search engine algorithms….

More at Google Updates Their Webmaster Guidelines To Include Details On …

More Reading

You may also be interested in viewing the following short video which provides a basic insight into the topics covered by the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Note that the information contained in this video is prior to the the latest update.

As mentioned above it is extremely important that you understand and respect these Google Webmaster Guidelines as failure to comply may result in your website struggling to achieve high search engine ranking results or even worse being de-indexed from Google’s database! Therefore to protect your website development and Link Building efforts, please review the new guidelines as soon as possible.

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Many websites fail to achieve high positions in the search engine ranking results due to poorly optimised web pages.

By following our Free Search Engine Optimisation Tips you can help search engines to decide which keywords are relevant to your website, and improve your rankings when those keywords are entered by a potential customer.

Free search engine optimisation tips

The following free search engine optimisation tips will help you to improve your search engine ranking results:

Choosing the correct keywords, that have high search volumes, is crucial. We see so many websites that have fallen into the trap of using keywords that have extremely low search volumes, due to lack of Keyword Research. There is no point in achieving a high listing on Google or any of the other major search engines, for a keyword that nobody is searching for. These types of keywords will produce zero traffic for your site.

Make sure that you choose the right keywords. Invest time in keyword research in order to identify the best performing keywords for your website, based on search volume and the number of websites competing for a specific keyword. The strongest performing keywords are those with a high search volume and low competition.

Identify your top performing keyword and make sure this is used in your Title Meta Tag. Use a maximum of 10 words in this tag. Most search engines will use this as the title for your listings.

Write a Description Meta Tag that is enticing and informative to search engine users. Make sure that your primary keyword is included in your description. Most search engines will use this description for your listings in their ranking results.

Do not use more than 25 to 35 keywords in your Keywords Meta Tag. Keywords must be separated by commas, without any spaces.

Make sure the main body text of each web page contains your targeted keywords. It is important to ensure that the keyword density for each word is between 3% to 5% of the overall keywords used on each page. If it is higher than this, you may be penalised by the search engines. There are many online tools that will allow you to check the keyword density of your web pages.

Do not try and fool search engines by using tricks such as excessive use of keywords or white text on a white back ground, in an attempt to hide keywords. Search engines have been around long enough to be aware of these tricks and using them may get your website banned.

Ensure that Image Alt Tags are used to optimise your images and that the text contains your targeted keywords.

Search engines are only capable of recognising static text on a web page, therefore excessive use of graphics, animated Flash files or images should be avoided.

You may also find this search engine optimisation video for startups, produced by Google Webmaster Help, of interest.

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Website Design Ideas

It is extremely important that your web pages are optimised to target a range of relevant search terms for your business. Optimising your website for the correct keywords will ensure that your site is found by potential customers, who are actively searching for the services or products you provide.

Making sure that all of your web pages are properly optimised should be an important part of your Website Promotion strategy and will help to improve your search engine ranking results.

Web page optimisation tips

Even if your pages, topics and articles are basically about the same topic, you should make the names and titles unique and interesting. Use short titles that will entice the reader to continue reading ahead to the article. The title is the first impression of an article, therefore making it very important to the reader.

If you upgrade your website often, you will get more attention from search engine spiders. The better the content you provide, the more likely it is to be shared on other websites, providing you backlinks and increased traffic. Once your content is share, you can expect additional visitors to your site.

RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) should be included on your site. Regularly updated RSS feeds count as fresh content. Building your own feed is a great way to include relevant topical information. Make sure you motivate people to follow your RSS feed as well.

TIP! Think about the possibilities of podcasting. Podcasts are visual or audio recordings, or sometimes streamed live, that give the consumer important information on the topics you want to cover in the show.

Use keyword phrases on all incoming links and on links attached to your website as anchor text. If you do this, search engines will realize that your links correspond to different keywords. They will increase your site ranking as a result. Check your website to make sure that your internal links have proper keywords in their anchor text.

If you have a website serving an audience or market that has established ezines, you can contribute posts and articles including backlinks that will lead visitors to your website. Many time, these e-zines are archived, meaning that the articles and links are kept active almost indefinitely.

Consider creating a site map which includes your keywords. Site maps are excellent navigational tools as well as helpful for Search Engine Optimisation. These are used by search engines to rank sites higher on their lists based on how easily accessible the content is.

After reading this information, you should be aware of items to adjust on your site. With the advice you have just received, you can optimize your website effectively with minimum…

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Did you know that Google has a team of human web page quality raters?

Google human search quality raters have the enviable tasks of reviewing Google’s search results and the quality of the web pages that rank well in its algorithm. The Quality Raters’ work has become more widely known over the years thanks to a couple occasions when the guideline document that Google provides as part of their work has been leaked online.

And the leaking has begun again, the latest version of the 161-page document, version 3.27 dated June 22 2012, is largely unchanged from previous versions, except for 1 major development,how to rate page quality.

The document provides an outline of what Google is looking for in a high-quality website. The handbook breaks down the aspects of a page into three main areas:

  • Main Content: This could be in the form of a news article or a blog post, information about a product, a video, a tool, a search box, or a log-in.
  • Supplementary Content: This could be internal navigation or links to related products or videos.
  • Advertisements: These may also be referred to as ads, sponsored links, sponsored listings, or sponsored results.

Pages are broken down into high-quality, medium-quality or low-quality. Here is a breakdown of what makes up each of these page qualities….

More at LEAKED: Google Rating Guidelines for Page Quality

More Reading

One of the most important ranking factors used by Google and other search engines, to determine the quality of your website is your link popularity. Therefore in addition to following these web page optimisation tips it is also important that you develop a suitable SEO Link Building strategy.

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Affordable Business Website Design Services

Top 5 web page content ideas to improve your search engine ranking results

Search engine spiders can only recognise the plain text content of a web page. Images, colours and the general design layout of a web page are irrelevant to search engines as they are unable to understand this type of information. It is therefore quite obvious that web pages that contain mainly images and very little text are unlikely to achieve high search engine rankings. It is also very surprising that there are a huge number of websites that fall into this Web Design trap.

The more relevant text based content that exists on a web page, the better. This is because search engine spiders will analyse this text in order to understand the topic, content and relationship with other web pages. Not only is more text important from a search engine ranking perspective, it is also of value to your websites visitors.

The following top 5 web page content ideas will help you to improve your web pages:

Choose the right search engine keywords

Spend time to identify the best performing Search Engine Keywords for your web pages, based on search volume and the number of websites competing for a specific keyword. The strongest performing keywords will be those with a high monthly search volume and low competition.

Write your web pages for humans not search engine spiders

Stuffing your web pages with repetitive search engine keywords will not only make your website unreadable, but can also harm your search engine rankings. Search engine spiders use complex algorithms to determine keyword density and can easily identify pages that contain artificially high numbers of keywords. Therefore make sure your web pages appear natural and are easily readable by human visitors.

Avoid duplicate content

Using duplicate content will result in your web pages being ignored by Google and the other major search engines. By using their sophisticated algorithms, search engines are able to detect if the content of a specific web page has been copied from another website. If they detect that your website contains duplicate content, they will simply remove the relevant web page from their index.

Furthermore, Google is clamping down on copyright violations. If your website has been reported to Google for using unauthorised copyright material you are likely to experience a significant drop in your rankings.

Develop new content on a regular basis

Adding fresh content to your website is a great way to keep search engine spiders visiting your site on a regular basis. The more content you create, the more opportunities you are providing to increase your search engine rankings for the optimised keywords on that page.

Format the content of your web pages

Highlight headings and important keywords. Use headline tags, bold text and bullet points to ensure your keywords stand out. Only highlight when necessary, and make sure that the text looks natural to search engine spiders.

By following these simple web page content ideas, you should be able to create a website that is both visitor and search engine friendly.

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A Pompeian Beauty, Blogging, after Raffaele Giannetti

Image by Mike Licht, via Flickr

According to the latest figures (April 2012), Google Plus now has over 170 million users. Compared to Facebook’s 800 million, Google Plus has a long way to go to play catch up.

However, considering that Google Plus only had 10 million users in July 2011, their rate of growth is very impressive. Viewed as a potential marketing channel for your website, Google Plus for Business should not be ignored and if you do not currently have a Google Plus business page, now is the time to seriously consider the devlopment of a Google Plus Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business.

In my opinion Google Plus for Business is a stronger marketing tool than Facebook, if only because your Google Plus posts are far more likely to show up in the main Google search results compared to your Facebook posts.

According to Brad and Debra Schepp from The Online Seller, “it’s no surprise that, by being on Google+, your online business will enjoy better Google rankings. Yes, Google apparently favors sites that link to its social networking site”., an online office supply retailer, started using Google+ for promotion and marketing soon after it launched. The move paid off, the company’s found.

Google’s search engine favors websites that are linked to Google+ pages, says Erik M. Fox of Shoplet’s marketing and business development group. That better exposure on Google alone seems to justify the time it takes to create a business profile.

If you are not on Google+ already, just sign up through Google’s home page by clicking on the +You hyperlink. Once you are signed up, click on the Pages link at the bottom left corner of your new profile page, and click on the red Create new page button.

You’ll find that setting up a Google+ page is no big deal if you’ve created online profiles before. But you do want to do as complete a job as possible, according to Marc Arner, who runs, which specializes in social media campaigns.

We make sure our clients Google+ page is filled to the max with information, pictures and videos relating to their business, Arner tells us. Google wants to see a full page.

Business benefits of Google+

Being a Google+ member has other advantages as the site has some pretty cool features. One is Circles, which makes keeping all your contacts organized simple, and even kind of fun. Once you’ve imported your various lists of connections, you drag and drop them into Circles of your choice (e.g., vendors, new customers, etc.). That way, you can really zero in on your markets with targeted communications.

Another compelling feature is Hangouts, a feature that lets you easily set up and hold video hangouts or business meetings, anytime, anywhere, Google says.

Google hangouts are a great way to offer online customer service as well as question and answer opportunities for your customers says Curtis Howe, whose company, GHS (for Got Help Services) manages social media accounts and strategy for businesses. He recommends to his clients that they have a Google+ account, and the availability of hangouts is one reason why.

It helps keep things personal and shows you pay attention to your customers, he tells us….

More at Should Your Online Business Be on Google Plus? | The Online Seller

One of the most valuable benefits offered by Google Plus is the ability to set up “Circles”. This allows you to set up individual categories for all your business contacts and followers. Understanding how to manage your “Stream” is also important, in order to be able to promote your online business successfully.

Setting Up Your Circles

One of the key features of Google Plus is its circles, and it is important to use those circles effectively. If you are setting up your site for business, one of the first things you will want to do is rename the circles from their default names. The existing circle names are aimed primarily at personal users, and as such they may not be appropriate for a small business.

Renaming a circle is easy  just click the Circles button, then double-click each circle name and choose Rename. You can use any name you like for your circles  just choose professional titles and you should be fine.

If you already maintain a mailing list of clients and contacts, you can use that list to invite people to join your Google Plus page and become part of your circles. Sending a link to your email list works well  just make sure that everyone on the list has opted in to receiving messages from your company.

Once people are following your site, they can invite others to follow you as well. That is the power of social media  and it is present in Google Plus just like it is with Facebook. As your circles grow and more people join, you can begin to reach out to those followers with special offers, discounts and other enticements designed to grow your business.

You can also use Google Plus to reach out to others, adding them to your circles and allowing them to add you back to theirs. This kind of organic growth can be quite valuable, whether your primary customer base is consumers or other businesses.

Understanding the Stream

One of the most powerful parts of Google Plus in terms of business use is the Stream. The Stream is the main messaging center for Google Plus, and it is where you can post pictures, videos, links and other information. You can use this section to post information about your business, as well as links to new products and special offers.

As you get used to using Google Plus, you will no doubt think of all kinds of things to add to the Stream. Each time your company adds a new product or offers a new service, you can head over to the Stream to tell everyone in your circles all about it. You can also use the stream to offer special deals to those who refer new customers to your store. That not only gets you new business it helps your Google Plus site become more visible as well….

More at Using Google Plus to Grow Your Business-What You Need to Know

If you are interested in learning more about how Google Plus for Business can help you to promote your local business, check out this helpful video.

How to set up your Google Plus local business page

There is no doubt that the Google Plus user base will continue to grow at a fast pace, Google are forecasting in excess of 250 million users, by the end of 2012. As Google continues to develop the integration of Google Plus posts into their main stream search results, the benefits of using this relatively new marketing channel to promote your online business should be an important part of your Search Engine Optimisation and social media marketing strategy, that should not be ignored.

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Affordable Website Design Company

It is important to understand that not everyone uses the same web browser. Whilst there are a large number of Internet Explorer users, there are also a high percentage of people using alternative web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. It is therefore extremely important that your website displays correctly across all web browsers. If your website does not display properly on every browser you are missing out on a major opportunity and all of your website promotion efforts will be a waste of time.

The market share of the main web browsers, as of July 2012, is as follows:

  • Internet Explorer – 53.93%*
  • Firefox – 20.16%*
  • Chrome – 18.88%*
  • Safari – 4.93%*
  • Opera – 1.59%*
  • Others – 0.51%*

* Source  NetMarketShare

As you can see, if your website is only displaying correctly on Internet Explorer, you are missing out on a massive 46% of potential visitors that are unable to view your site correctly.

So, how do you ensure that your website is universally compatible across all of the major web browsers?

1. Test your website

If you wish to ensure that you are able to maximise all of your website promotion efforts, you will need to test your site across the different web browsers.  In the past this had to be done manually, but now, there are free services that can do this for you such as Browsershots. To use these free services, you simply enter the URL of your website and the software will then return a set of screen shots, showing what your website looks like in each individual web browser.

2. Design your website using HTML

All web browsers can read HTML, plus it is also a well developed and established programming language, that will allow, even ten year old computers, to load your HTML pages pretty quickly.  Although websites that are designed using basic HTML may not be as elaborate as those created using more advanced languages, you are more or less guaranteed that they will load and display properly.

3. Do not use fancy fonts in your web design

Your site should look good even if standard fonts are used. Therefore try and avoid using some of the more fancier font styles, as some web browsers may have difficulty recognising these. There is a good choice of known web safe fonts and ideally your website should be designed using one of these.

4. Limit your use of images

With the advent of faster broadband connections web page loading speeds have become less of a problem. However, it is still important that you limit the file sizes of your images, otherwise you may find that your web pages load very slowly. Fast loading pages are not just important from a user perspective, they are also important from a ranking perspective, as it is known that Google will penalise websites with slow loading web pages.

When it comes to Effective Search Engine Optimisation, content matters more than images. This is because when people are searching for information, they do not really care whether or not a site looks pretty.  Granted, there are exceptions to this rule, but as long as your site looks neat, uncluttered and professional, don’t worry. Overloading a web page with images may slow down the loading time and can cause problems with the page displaying correctly in certain browsers.

So, to summarise, although Internet Explorer has just over 50% market share, it is not the only game in town. To ensure that your website is seen correctly by all your potential customers it is essential that you invest the time in checking out how your site displays in all the major web browsers.

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Wordpress Schwag

Image by Peregrino Will Reign via Flickr

Unlike traditional html websites, WordPress blogs include a range of unique features and functionality. These include the ability to automatically notify Google and other search engines, each time a new blog post is published, as well as providing the option for your customers to add comments to your blog posts. You can also develop a database of regular readers and visitors to your blog, via RSS feeds and email.

There are a number of different blogging platforms available to create a blog and WordPress is one of the most popular. As professional website and blog designers, we have chosen this platform for our custom WordPress Blog Design Services, as we believe that it offers the most flexible and robust platform available.

Affordable WordPress blog design services

“There are actually endless elements that contribute to a blogs success. In this article, you will find out about the most important ones.

Header: Header will tell your visitors about where they are. It typically comprises of a logo, the name of your website or organization and designs to go with the text. Needless to say, it is intended to capture the attention of your visitors and you need to make it in such a way that it stands out.

Navigation: Navigation is a very important, if not the most important aspect in blog design. There should be intuitive navigation. Let your visitors see the other pages that you have. Below the footer, place a secondary text-based element for navigation.

Title of Your Posts: This is very powerful attention-grabber. Use fonts that are large in size and see to it that they always appear in bold. There should be enough materials for visitors to find out and read about. Present the headlines in such a way that users do not have to struggle to find out something interesting. But make sure there is no clutter. Otherwise users will be turned off and refrain from proceeding any further in your blog. The way the titles show up should complement the overall design of your site.

Archived Posts: Provide archived posts to keep your readers hooked on. Time will pass and you will add new content. But for the readers, offer something from your old stock so that apart from your new posts, your old posts also get some readership.”

More at Are These In Your WordPress Blog Design ? –

Fully customised WordPress blog design services

According to Chadrack Irobogo, Chief Content Officer of EagleVision Global Media, as much as you can hire content writers and career bloggers to keep your business alive, it’s noteworthy that the success of the blog cannot be driven on these external forces. You must take responsibility to ensure your business blog succeed.

“The following tips will help you stay in control and steer your blog to success.

1.Decide on the Business Objectives Your Blog Fulfill

What are your business objectives? How will a blog help you achieve these objectives?

Getting this right from the on-set is important. Blogging is such an adventure that demands you being focused else you could easily be sidetracked along the way. This is imperative if you are just learning about the exciting possibilities of blogging technology.

So once, you are convinced that adding a blog to your business site is the right thing to do; your next move should be to align the blog with your business objectives. Ensure that the blog do not become burden but a supplement to your other business activities helping to achieve your business objectives.

This will help you stay focused and keep you from falling into the trap of neglecting other important aspects of your business. it’s also necessary to point out here that laying out a plan for how often you will update the blog, how you will promote it to attract new readers and also to and retain repeat readers, is also very important.

2.Look Before You Leap!

If this is your first time getting involved with blogging then setting up test blogs is a wise thing to do. You may decide to use a free blogging platform like Of course, there are many other free blogging platforms out there but using is advisable since the experience gained will be useful once you are ready to switch to your own self-hosted blog. Please note that the self-hosted wordpress blog ( is the most easy to integrate into your business blog.

Using a free blogging platform, if considered, should be for experimental purposes only. This is because using a free service takes the control of your blog from you as the hosting service can pull it down at the slightest reason! Since you already have a domain name and a webhost (at least you already have a business site), adding a blog will not put any extra cost on you except for consulting fees and maybe a premium theme, if you desire such.  But the fact is these are negligible.

So, instead of wasting the time with free blogging platforms, get an experienced hand to set up a wordpress blog on your business site right away and then commit to learning the ropes as you go along.

3. Get a Professional Design for Your Blog

You will soon discover that your blog is the entry point of visitors to your business website. With this in mind it is advisable to make the best impression with that first contact. You can do this with your blogs design.

This is another plus for wordpress blogs. is an open source CMS platform giving a large army of professional programmers and script writers, the world over, the opportunity to create a plethora of wordpress themes that are available both as free downloads or as paid premium themes.

Using a free theme and customizing it a little may just serve your purpose, but going for a premium theme will give you more customization options and truly set your blog apart from the many others in cyberspace.  Your aim here is to simply make the right impression with your blog. Like we have said earlier it is important that you take your business objectives into consideration. So getting a design that matches your company’s identity and objectives will do wonders”….More at How To Use Business Blogging To Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s Success! – iMedia Connection (blog)

More Reading:

In order to be successful with your New Business Blog it is important to produce regular, high quality content that can also be promoted across other social media channels, such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. When your blog posts are syndicated across your social media profiles, you will experience increased targeted visitors to your website, increased sales opportunities and lifelong customers.

You may also find the following video explaining how to install new WordPress blog themes and plugins helpful.


The following helpful WordPress blog tip may also be of interest:

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One of the challenges of developing backlinks to your website is the time it takes for Google and the other search engines to index the page displaying your link.

Securing links on article directories and Web 2.0 properties are popular link building methods. However, although the home page of many of these sites may enjoy a high page rank score, the internal pages are likely to have a zero page rank rating.

When an article containing your links is published on one of these websites, a brand new page is created which then needs to be indexed by Google, in order for your link to be found. These types of websites will typically contain thousands of individual pages and your link will be buried deep within the site. The challenge therefore is how to encourage Google to find and index your new link page, as quickly as possible.

Build Links To Your Links

One solution, offered by a number of companies, is to automatically build links to your link pages in order to get them noticed by Google and indexed faster. Although the theory makes sense, I have been disappointed with the actual results produced by these Specialist Link Building Services. I first started using this type of software to boost my links over a year ago, using LinxBoss. After about 6 months I could see no evidence that this service had helped to get any of my backlinks indexed faster. Based on a recommendation I therefore switched to Backlink Booster.

Having used this service for over 6 months I was once again disappointed in the results and decided to invest some time in reviewing all of my links in order to quantify the number that had actually be indexed by Google.

The following figures are based on analysing a total of 200 links that were placed into the Backlink Booster system between January and May, this year. All of these backlinks were embedded into articles that were published on a range of Web 2.0 sites. At the time of submission, each article was subsequently checked that it had been published and verified, prior to being placed into the link building system.

Review Date: 23/07/2012

Therefore at the time of my review (23/07/12) the oldest links had remained in the system for a total of 7 months and the youngest links had been in the system for 2 months. During this period the software automatically built links to my article pages on a monthly basis. The software also provided reports detailing the number of links that had been built, although it is not possible to obtain any information on the actual URL’s containing the links.

Having analysed each of the 200 links, I was surprised to find that only 32 (16%) had actually been indexed by Google. This is a disappointing result and I wonder how many of these links would have been found and indexed naturally, without any help from Backlink Booster.

Given the claims made by Backlink Booster on their website, I would have expected the results to be much higher and certainly well over 50%. Clearly based on this result I do not believe that this service offers value for money. I can no longer justify their monthly fee and have now cancelled my membership.

I would be very interested to receive comments from users of Backlink Booster or any other similar service.

Have you had a similar experience or have you found that the service has worked for you?

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