any type of business can benefit from developing their social media profile.

Monitoring how businesses engage with social media is now also part of Google’s ranking algorithm and increasing your level of social media activity will help to improve your ranking results. Social media marketing can also help improve your online reputation, develop your trust and integrity and become more accessible to your customers.

Facebook is the most widely used social media website and currently has over 845 million active users, of which 57% are female and 43% male. More than 425 million users access their Facebook accounts via a mobile device. With over 50% using their Facebook account every day, this represents an extremely valuable platform for companies to develop a business presence to promote their brand.

Whilst creating a new Facebook Business page is a relatively simple process, promoting your page and developing regular visitor traffic can be a challenge, especially if you are using Facebook for the first time.

Below are my top 5 Facebook Business Page tips that will help you to promote a greater awareness of your business page and increase the number of visitors.

Facebook Business Page Tips:

1. Utilise existing relationships
Contact all of your customers, suppliers, family and friends and invite them to “Like” your new Facebook Business page.

2. Add a Facebook link to your website
Add a prominent link to your Facebook page from your website and ensure that the link is visible on every page.

3. Include a Facebook link in all of your email communications
Including a Facebook link in all of your general, day to day emails and any monthly newsletters will also help to promote your Facebook page.

4. Design a bespoke Facebook Business page
Make sure you brand your Facebook Business page with your company logo and utilise the various apps available to link to your blog and other social media profiles. Make sure that you post on a regular basis

5. Offer exclusive Facebook promotions
You may wish to consider offering exclusive Facebook promotions. This is a very effective method of social media marketing that will encourage visitors to Like your page and will help to increase your fan base.

Applying the above recommendations will enable your Facebook page to become a successful part of your overall Social Media Marketing strategy.

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